Murena Fairphone 4 now available for pre-order

Murena is now making the Fairphone 4 available for pre-order with /e/OS pre-installed. Delivery is scheduled to start 11 January 2022.

Please note that the shop does not offer the Murena Fairphone 4 for pre-order in all countries immediately (e.g. in France pre-order is meant to start on 1 January 2022).

Two points from the FAQ on the site linked to above:

P.S.: @Volker has made me aware of the fact that @Ingo posted about this some hours ago already, however in a topic that generally covers FP4: Google-free Android - #37 by Ingo. I believe though it makes sense to have this as a standalone topic as well as so far Murena has been the only seller of the Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 4 that ships the device with a degoogled OS already pre-installed. If moderators disagree with my judgement, I will of course accept.


Iode sells fp3 also with their de-googled rom.


This is great news! I’ve had the Fairphone for over month now, but still haven’t used it because I’ve been waiting for a deGoogled OS. when will the OS be available for download for those that already have the FP4?


Is it safe to presume /e/ OS is then already fully operational on FP4 ? If so, could we expect a rom to be released soon ?

For me, only iodé, Los4mg or LOS come into question.
But not /e/OS
The restrictions and paternalism I will have with this system are not acceptable to me.

In short, I like to wait a little longer :wink:


I imagine you could ask /e/ for the ROM but sadly I agree with @FairphoneHulk that Murena, the eel, is a bit too much of a bottom feeder.

I would prefer for a more free-hanging fruit.

I know nothing about /e/ in the sense I never ran it. But it was my understanding that it’s a fork of LOS.
Maybe I’m taking shortcuts here, but if /e/ is already stable enough to be put on sellable device it appears the work should be “minor” to get a usable LOS anytime soon. I don’t know if /e/ OS source is being shared with LOS community developpers but I sure hope there’s some collaboration at some extend at least…

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FP4, grey, 128gb, 6gb

Murena FP4: 639,- incl shipping
FP Store: 579,-€ incl. shipping

60,-€ for /e/OS

OK, for those who want an alternative rom and do not dare to install it.
OK, for those who think they have to support a small company financially.

Otherwise, you can think about it. 60,- € are not exactly little …

It’s 60€ for installation, support and no doubt future updates
and isn’t the Fairphone plastic case 40€
and the privacy filter 32€

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Indirectly, you also support the further development of microG, if I see it correctly.
/e/ supports the developer financially, right?



This topic is about the /e/ OS and if you are referring to that

This is user forum and not for /e/ (Murena)

So you may like to contact whoever it was that promised you such as it wouldn’t be a forum user nor any official Fairphone rep that look in now and then. ???

you do know that /e/ OS is in FACT Murena now right? You can see that if you go up to the topic as well. And maybe you missed, that they changed the name. Asking for the rom as they ship it out with the fairphone4 is allowed and you should respect that.

I cant remember where I saw the message that it will be out but if there is just a rom, I can install it on my phone. Except there is something new I dont know.

Yes I’m aware that the e foundation is now producing under the name Murena :slight_smile:
My point was that this is a) not a Murena related forum let alone anyone’s official news outlet, hence my direction to ask on the /e/ Murena stage.

As this is a Fairphone user forum.

Respect ?? Did I show some disrespect ??

The ‘they’ is Murena ~ /e/ not Fairphone and this is still only a user forum :slight_smile:

No respecting me asking for the rom. Maybe someone knew something. But I will have to wait until it arrives.

We do know that this in fact is not the case :wink:

“Starting from today, ‘MURENA’ is going to be used to call all our commercial products: smartphones with /e/OS, premium cloud plans…”

“We are not abandoning ‘/e/’ totally. We will continue to call the operating system that we develop as ‘/e/OS’.”

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damn makes it rather confusing. But its their thing and good to know thx

Bummer no speckled one in the /e/os store :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope it’s a special only from the


Yes I saw it and like that design haha … hopefully we get an easy installer soon.

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From experience I’d say this is a tricky one. In the past it was up to volunteers to add support for a new device to the easy installer. I’m not saying there might be no-one up to the task, but most of the time I’ve only seen people asking for it but next to nobody contributing to it.
Sure, the FP4 is sold with /e/ OS preinstalled so one might think it’s kind of “official” and the /e/ team will do the necessary changes. But the FP3 was also sold with /e/ preinstalled and there I was the volunteer. The /e/ devs were supportive, no doubt about that, still it wasn’t them who did all the work.