Moving from iPhone 4 to fairphone

I had an i phone 4 when switching to thé fairphone. Everything works except SMS. I am sending out on messenger but receiving on my old phone. Yet my sim card is in my fairphone and no longer in thé old iPhone. How do i connect thèse SMS?

Hi there,

Maybe a wrong idea, but did you used iMessage when you have your iPhone?

If your phone number is still associated with an iMessage account it could still have the priority (if some of your contacts are still using this network).

Again, just a thought… hope it will help.


The problem usually is the use of iMessage. Someone posted a link to Apple’s information page on the matter a couple of years back:


Thank you. I have no idea. It’s the SMS that automatically came a long when i got the iPhone. Seems classical to me, nothing stating iMessage. However if so, how do I change the priority from iMessage to the SMS pilote on the fair phone?

It really is strange hearing my old phone tone when a message is supposed to be coming through on the Fair phone without there being the sims card in it.

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That worked just fine.
IT WORKS ! Thank you very much!

When handing over this old I phone to my kids and reinstalling the iMessage, troubleshooting shouldn’t come up I hope!



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