Monthly Fairphone sales 2016

@anon90052001 or @Douwe: any chance you guys could share some information with us on how sales have been going over the last few months? I know you hit the 100,000 mark in May, but it would be great to see how many FP2s have been ordered on a monthly basis since you started with pre-orders in the summer of 2015. What sort of trend have you been observing? Upwards, downwards, steady-state? And how is it looking for reaching the goal of selling 140,000 FPs per year?

Since the counter is no longer up, I don’t think we can monitor it ourselves anymore, so it would be great if you could share some information with us on that.

@paulakreuzer/@Stefan/other moderators: if you think this should be its own thread, feel free to move it. I figured I’d start here…


…while you’re at it, it would also be great to get another summary of press reactions like you did back in 2014 (overview of number of articles, number of interviews, etc.). :smiley:


Hey Emmy,

The latest I heard here was that 41.000 Fairphone 2’s were sold. If I get a more exact number from our sales team, I’ll share it here.

As for articles, reviews and such; we still have a lot of coverage and the community here on the forum keeps track of a fair deal of those. Please check here:


Thanks, @Douwe. If you talk to your sales team, again, it would be nice to know monthly numbers, or at least get a statement on how sales have been developing since the original pre-order phase!


Fairphone just linked to a [ZDnet article] ( that is very informative in several ways: (Future) Alternative modules produced both by Fairphone and potentially third parties as well. And the latest sales number: 45,000 FP2s.


**** only 45k!?? :cry: ****

Thanks 4 sharing this infos @urs_lesse!

So optimistically 45k would be the sales of end of June (because the communication about 100k all FP’s (=40k FP2’s) was end of May)?

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I only feel like buying one, if it has full CyanogenMod support, I guess this is preventing quite a few more phones from beeing sold ;).


Well, it’s not there yet, but looks like it’s on the way:

While I would probably immediately switch to CM, I don’t think CM is the selling point for most (potential) customers. And also, Open OS is a great step for those people that want to have the flexibility, that it brings, as it is already rooted, you can easily install Xposed and all other tweaks you want

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Deutsche Presse-Agentur (05 September 2016) reports (via various news outlets) that Miquel Ballester – whilst being at the IFA 2016 in Berlin – spoke of around 50,000 Fairphone 2 being sold so far.


Does anybody have experience with Christmas sales and can say how much sales rise before Christmas, compared to the rest of the year?


Without being able to name any concrete numbers or percentages, I know that sales rise significantly around Christmas for large phone manufacturers (Apple & Co.). However, I highly doubt that it will be enough to reach the 140,000 goal that FP once set. If I’m interpreting the numbers correctly, it seems like they might be selling around 3 - 5,000 phones per month at the moment. Even if that were to double before Christmas, they’d still only reach around 75,000 by the end of the year. (—> 50,000 + (3 x 5,000 (Sept-Nov)) + 10,000 (Dec) = 75,000). And I suspect that that’s a pretty optimistic calculation all around.

Edit: of course, they did reach deals with several mobile service providers (like 1&1 in Germany and T-Mobile in Austria) recently, so that might increase the numbers a bit, or at least make the calculation a little less “optimistic”.

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So, the counter reappeared in the new website design…

(from the homepage)


I like the new makeup of their HP, also I welcome the counter. Furthermore it is good to (see) show partners won for the FP idea and product. So it gets more clear that the idea is not only shared by few in one country but also more abroad. I think this could keep the ball rolling quicker.

Frankly, as of now, it seems more like the 26 May total of all Fairphones sold and pre-ordered by then (the number of 150,000 community members was already there then, too) and not a counter (no movement of the numbers since it appeared online).

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FP needs to come up with great news, which find some media attention, especially before x-mas. Here is my wish list :wink: :slight_smile:

  • finalized and well working community versions of Ubuntu and Sailfish
  • FP3 coming up as a number of hardware upgrades for FP2

I would buy 2 FP2s, then.