Mobile network won't work until next reboot

Dear forum,

On my FP2, I often use mobile network (something like 5 times a day) so I won’t always have it turned on, and here’s my issue : whenever I turn on mobile network after a reboot, it works.
Until I shut it down, and then 30 minutes or 1 hour later if I try to use mobile network again by switching the cursor on, nothing happens (or nothing seems to) and if I try to use an internet-requiring app, it behaves just like there was no Internet access.

Then I feel like this by switching my cursor on and on again.
Then, disgruntled, I reboot it and wait.

Does anyone have th[blablabla] ?

Thank you all from France for your help, which I hope will bear fruits <3

Hi Miister Mine,

I have exactly the same problem. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a solution except rebooting.

Best regards from Berlin!

We had a similar bug some months ago.

The workaround found there was to disable GPS on the phone. Go to “Settings” - “Location” and turn the switch off or set “Mode” to “Battery saving”. I think it’s worth a try.

You could also try if the mobile Internet works when the airplane mode is switched on and off.

Do you have another phone with another SIM card available at you? If yes, you could swap the SIM cards and try if the other SIM works in your FP2/if your SIM card works in the other phone.

The same problem for me, the data will work during a limited period of time, and then, it cuts … and the only solution is rebooting the phone … it’s pretty anoying.

did you find a solution ?

Hi everybody,

I’m from France too and I experiment this issue since the update 1.10.1. The little update 1.11.1 didn’t change anything.

I switch to Open OS 16.12.0 and no improvement…

My operator is Free but I never had any problems with them.

I don’t know what to do :confused:

Reboot is the only valid solution. I’ve tried all the other options : APN reset, Flight mode, Network manual selection, 4G mod -> 3G mod -> 2G mod SIM switch, disable SIM…

Very anoying …

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