Mobile Data not working

I’ve got a problem with my brand new Fairphone 3+. Wifi is working fine, messages also. But the mobile data are not working at all (no internet, no MMS). And yes, mobile data is activated. I’ve already checked the APN settings, even rewrote everything following my provider’s instructions, just to be sure, rebooted the phone. Still nothing.
I’ve tried everything suggested in this topic, but none of it worked.
Has anyone an idea to help ?
Thanks !

Do you have an SD card in the phone and is it formatted as External. It seems an SD card formatted as internal can upset a lot of settings.

Which mobile carrier are you using and can you try another network? Maybe by borrowing a friends sim card etc.

Do you have wifi-calling which is not the same as wifi for browsing as it uses data if you do sms or browse.?

If you have wifi calling enabled switch the phone to airplane mode and see if you can call and go online etc.

Thank you for your answer !
I don’t have any SD card.
My carrier is Bouygue (France). It’s currently complicated trying another sim card, but I’m going to try.
Wi-fi calling is disabled…

Ah, I just saw I forgot to mention I tried the new SIM card in my old phone and the mobile data worked fine.

There seem to be peculiarities of some sort with this carrier, at least it pops up here in the forum rather often, perhaps you’ll find something via the search …

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Here’s something fresh …


Thank you ! Now, it works ! Partly. Now I can’t recieve MMS unless the mobile data is switched on first (but that’s a problem I’ve seen elsewere on the forum, so I’m gonna check it later) but the rest is working !
I had previously searched the forum for an answer, how did I miss the topic that had the answer in it…
Anyway, thank you !


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