Missing entries in Calendar

Hello, I have a Open OS in my FP2 and some entries in Calendar (I installed Standalone Calendar trying to solve it, but it’s the same) disappear. So I can not trust what I’ve left out. Anybody can help me?

Any relation to this topic (I’m not sure whether I understand your setup):

It is impossible to work with calendars: I write entries and in ten minutes or less some disappear :disappointed:

Does that help?

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How can I verify that and switch it back if restricted?

Read this article to know more about app permission control in “Marshmallow”:

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I use Open FP OS based in Lollipop

Unfortunately there is no solution available, yet. You may take a look at this thread frequently to be up to date:

The system process “Calendar Storage”'s access to contact wasn’t restricted in my phone (I upgraded the equivalent of Android 6 in FP Open OS, so I can see it) and the problem is still happening.

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