FP2 Open OS: I can't modify authorisations given to apps

Hi all
I’m completely new on Android and on Fairphone since I received my PF2 2 days ago… I had a very basic phone beforehand and I feel today like a Nokia 3210 user jumping on the smartphone world, ie another dimension… :wink:

My issue is perhaps very easy for some of you, but very hard for me, even after 3 hours spent on forums trying to decrypt how things are running on Android.


My device: FP2 with Fairphone Open OS 17.4.0

My problem: I can’t modify (astonishing) authorisations given to apps

How I see it: I go to settings (paramètres) > Apps (applications) > all (toutes) > Agenda, for instance,
then i scroll down and I see Authorisations: this app can access to the following elements on your smartphone. I clic on a given authorisation, then I get its description BUT I cannot MODIFY those authorisations.

What I want to do: I want to restrict authorisations, like, as another example, I don’t want my camera to access to GPS location, Wifi accesspoints, etc… because I don’t want to share data to anybody/anyone/anyhow etc…

My questions:

  • is it a normal behaviour?
  • should I become a superuser/superadministrator ? (root ?)


From France with love,


Yes, this feature is not included in Android 5.

Yes that would be an option. With #dic:root + #dic:xposed + #dic:xprivacy you can restrict permissions for any and all apps.

You could also wait for the Android 6 Upgrade for Open OS - then a basic permission restriction function will be integrated. It’s not as powerful as XPrivacy, but probably easier to understand.


While some apps are of course sharing data, it is not necessary to be paranoid with all of them. The camera app uses GPS to add a location to the photos you take and this behaviour can be disabled in the app itself: swipe from the left side, then press the gear icon. It doesn’t request access to wifi.

Android 6 is coming, I suggest that you wait until the FP Open Android 6 appears, probably within a month.


THANKS Paul, I am impressed by how fast I got an answer on this forum (waow!)
I will investigate and try your solutions then come back to share the results, then I will watch out Android 6 when released.

Have a nice day,


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