Calendar entries removed when Server is unavailable

Hi all,
for some days I have the problem that all my calendar entries vanish, whenever the calendar accounts are to be synced and the Server is not reachable for any Reason.

I have a Google calendar (for public holidays) and a CalDAV calendar from my desktop PC using radicale as server and Opensync on the FP2. Beside Opensync I also tried the CalDAV sync adapter. With all theese apps (Google Calendar, Opensync and CalDAV Sync Adapter) I have the same Problem. Only the Opensync account stays in the Calendar accounts list, while the others don’t.

I have a rooted FP2 with a Firewall (AFwall+) in place, and many restrictions to Apps in the Firewall as well as in the App access rights.

Anyone else has this problem or a solution to it? Any help welcome.


The Problem was that the system process “Calendar Storage”'s access to contacts was restricted.
Switched it back on solved the Problem…