Missing/bad translation: how can we help?

Someone pointed out some missing translations in the French version of FPOS. Another thread did the same in the German version and there once was a thread asking how users can contribute to translation. As this last thread was in the Android 5.1 category, which is closed, I wasn’t able to reply, even if @paulakreuzer reopened the thread (thanks!).
So here’s a brand new topic on the subject and I would like to know:

  1. If users notice missing or bad translations, is it useful to Fairphone (i.e. can they use it to improve the translation or do they just take the translation over from Android)?
  2. If so, where and how could we communicate the problems? On the Forum? By email? On the website?

It should be useful if there was a form where users can send information about the translation. And if there is some kind of a database, like the bug-tracker, it would be easy for users to check if the translation is also missing in other languages, and to suggest a translation.

Most people speak English, but if Fairphone is reaching for a broader base, they need to provide a system fully translated (the first thread was linked to the new Fairphone-Orange partnership in France, where people can buy the phone without knowing much about the project and expect a phone ready-to-use without consulting the forum).


There is:
I’d suggest to file translation bugs there.

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Thank’s, Crisse, I hope we’ll obtain a good soltion.

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