Migrating data iPhone->FP4

I’ve just spent three unsuccessful and frustrating hours with a friend trying to migrate data from my iPhone (6S!) to an FP4. I’ve followed the (barebones) Android tutorial, using Google 1. I also tried to use Samsung SmartSwitch, but my FP4 does not recognize my iPhone when I plug it in. I will be trying the Google Drive option but that certainly will NOT work for settings and the like. Trying to do all of this manually would be a nightmare TBH.
Anyone able to point me in the direction of a tutorial or two? Or a few shortcuts? Feeling kind of desperate. Many thanks!

You can transfer media like music, videos and photos, but certainly not settings. Apple’s iOS and Android are two completely different setups, and things work so differently that settings and apps simply cannot be migrated from one to the other.

Regarding media migration, it would make things much easier if these were to be found on a computer as well (from where they can be moved to the Fairphone 4 quite easily). I don’t want to be overly certain, but I think a direct transfer of these between an iPhone and an Android smartphone is something I have never heard of yet to be possible (others, correct me if I’m wrong).


This is the Android tutorial Fairphone links to… I doubt actually there is any better option or that you can really migrate all settings as well


May not be overly helpful but gives an indication

Feel like I have just removed cobwebs from my brain. Thank you, Urs. Of course I can’t move settings and the like to a completely different phone… I meant more things such as passwords and usernames and things like that. But since I have to reinstall/download every single app anyway, I guess it just might be better to then manually enter usernames etc. anyway.

Or finally get a password manager.

Thanks also for the tip regarding putting things on my computer. That will be my next step.


Do you use a Mac? Then it should be possible to export your keychain and to import it to Google or a password manager of your choice. It seems there is no native way to do so with just iOS.

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