Transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Fairphone

Hello, has anyone successfully transferred their chat history from iPhone to the Fairphone4? The guidance on the Fairphone website just sends me to android which has a host of transfer options depending on the device you are moving to (of which Fairphone is of course not an option :grinning:) thanks :pray:

Please have a look here

Thanks - the android guidance is for contacts and photos but doesn’t cover/transfer WhatsApp content. There do seem to be a few apps which you can purchase to do this but a bit tricky to know if they work/data will be secure/which one to try!

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Yes it appears to be a bit of an issue.

The official WhatsApp statement is

Transferring your chat history cross platform is currently only available when moving from an iPhone iOS device to Samsung Android device, but we will make it available to users of both Android and iOS in the coming months. Learn more about how you can do this in this article.


What do I need?

Samsung SmartSwitch app version or greater installed on your new device
WhatsApp iOS version or greater on your old device
WhatsApp Android version or greater on your new device
USB-C to Lightning cable (or equivalent adapters)
Use the same phone number on the new device as the old device.
Your new Android device must be factory new or reset to factory settings.

There is more info on transfering to a Samsung with Android 12, so it may be possible to use an alternate Samsung, running A12 with your sim.

Hopefully this will transfer the WhatsApp from the ‘iCloud’ to a ‘gCloud’ and then you can repalce the SIM in your FP4 with A11 ~ it may work ~ ??

There is another link which says it should be easy

Will update once I’ve read a bit more.

Hope your’re otherwise enjoying your new phone :slight_smile:

I have seen a lot of paid options and one that offered a ‘free’ option



Just a update on the idea of using a Samsung. If it only works with a clean or factory reset phone it seriously reduces to likelyhood of finding such.

Hey, Any update? Were you able to transfer your WhatsApp Chats to new phone. I want to transfer all of my chats backup of yowhatsapp app to new device?

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I have been told they didn’t.

Oh Okay thanks for having me here, I am trying to follow thin one youtube tutorial I hope it works

Let us know how you get on.

All the best

Hi there, has anyone tried any of the options in the articles mentioned earlier? I’m a little worried! On Whatsapp there is an option to back up your chats to move to Android, will it work?

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My daughter gave up and just saved some info and setup afresh.

Sounds like the option you have seems reasonable, but I suppose you are waiting for someone to confirm it works.

My reading said that only worked on to A12 and at that with Samsung. Do you have any indication it is a generalised option ?

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