Microphone not working anymore

A month ago my microphone stopped working at first just sometimes and if I reboot the phone it was working again…
Then it stopped working.
I’ve got problem of rebooting without doing anything too (it is random)…
Has anyone experience that? Can anyone help?
(Support is not answering so far and it is not convenient to have a phone without being able to make/receive a call… )


Are you having a FP1 or FP2?

Loraww’s profile says that they have a FP2, so I moved this topic to #fairphone2help for the moment.

@Loraww, have you checked, if the module, which contains the microphone, is properly in place?

No i haven’t I guess i can see how to check it on ifixit?

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Yes, you should take the phone apart and put it back together, in case it was not assembled correctly.

I just did it and in the same time realize something. Which is that actually my microphone is working with skype but just not when I receive or make a call…
Any clue what it can be?

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Seems to be a problem with software then. You should try if a hard reset solves the problem. I don’t own a FP2 though, so I cannot tell you how a hard reset works with the FP2.

Maybe another dialer (phone) app could help. But I can’t recommend you any, as I have no personal experience with any alternatives.

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I tried another app it doesn’t work… But it was a good idea…

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Hard reset works the same on FP1+2.


Gawd I am having this problem now!
Has anybody had any luck with the support team?
Is this something I can fix myself or should I just send it back??

Just checking: do you have an FP1 or an FP2?

I have a Fairphone 2

I’ve moved your post to this topic, as the previous topic was specific to the FP1. Reassembling could help (see posts above), but check first to see whether your microphone is still working for some apps, but not others.

I have checked several apps and it does not work across the board.
What I dont understand is that it was working perfectly until last week when I installed the update

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Could the update have damaged the software?

It doesn’t appear to be a common occurrence, but occasionally settings do get messed up somewhere. If you have good backups of all the data on your phone (on your computer or on an SD card), you could try a factory reset (after which you’d need to restore your data and reinstall your apps). The factory reset usually clears up any software problems; if the problem doesn’t go away that way, I’d contact support directly.

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My mic appears to have stopped working also…phone hasn’t been dropped. Still waiting for Fairphone support to respond.

It seems like I am having the same problem. At first my microphone just had a really bad background noise, so people hardly can hear me while calling. The weird thing is, when I am on speakers the microphone works normally, but if I am making a voice memory or a snapchat video it has this bad background noice again. But it doesn’t seem to be all the time, as sometimes the microphone works completely perfect. But the times it doesn’t work how it should are becoming more frequently. I thought that maybe the modul isn’t connected quite good with the rest of the phone and that sometimes causes the microphone to crash? Maybe it just needs to be better fixed with the rest of the phone? What do you think?

I’m also gonna write the support team about it, but I’ve read that it takes quite a long time to get an answer…

Thanks for your help!



I have the same issue but the phone wasn’t dropped. My voice started off crackly when the problem started in May but within a couple of days people couldn’t hear me at all. My microphone works in calls if using the speakerphone but it doesn’t work for voice recording or voice search. I’ve also found my headphone port doesn’t work now but I’m not sure if this is combined within the same problem - the headphone microphone has the same problem as the fairphone microphone when plugged in. Calls with bluetooth mic are unaffected.

I’ve factory reset a number of times and taken the module out to check it was positioned right. I haven’t been able to make calls since mid-May unless I use the speaker phone. I contacted support on 22nd May and haven’t heard anything yet but I have read they have been swamped for quite some time.