Lost data button after upgrade

My Fairphone 3 has just updated. After the update there’s a ‘new look’ to the screen. Among other things previous round buttons on the pull-down screen have now been replaced by wider round rectangles, which are equivalent to the old ones except that the one to turn Data on & off has disappeared!! Other standard ones are still there such as ‘internet’ ‘bluetooth’ ‘do not disturb’ ‘torch’ ‘auto-rotate’ etc, but other than a ‘data-saver’ button I can’t find where to turn on my data! There is a new button ‘Wallet’ which I don’t think was there before, or perhaps it was & I didn’t notice as I don’t pay by phone.
I can’t get at data via my Settings either - when I go into Settings, under Network & Internet, there is no longer a ‘Data Usage’ button to toggle as instructed when I’ve tried to google it.
Has this happened to anyone else and can anyone help?

The mobile data and wifi tiles are now combined under one “internet”

The look is different.

Dont understand that, do you use dual SIM or whats the issue?


You should be able to see how much data you have consumed, both on wifi and mobile networks, also on Android 13. Maybe it changed the place where you can find it:

(Please note that the names of the menus may vary, as I am translating it from my language to English)

  • Data usage via Wifi networks: Settings → Network and internet → Internet (wifi icon) → Data usage without mobile operator.

  • Data usage via mobile networks: Settings → Network & internet → Internet → Internet → SIM card

As I assumed you meant to see the mobile data consumption (linked to your SIM), I have recorded a video showing how I access that information:


I was annoyed too by the new setup of the pull down menu. You have to go deeper in the menus to switch mobile data on and of. And with dual sim you have to go deeper in the menus to toggle mobile data from one sim to another.

Thanks so much all of you that answered, particularly Miguel for making the video, that’s just what my phone screen looks like. It’s working now :slight_smile:


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