Lost and found in Dubai desert

Four months ago, in december, I was competing in the World Air Games in Dubai. I am a member of the Swedish National Skydiving team, competing in Speed Skydiving. In one of my jumps I hade my FP1 in my leg pocket (stupis, I know) and of course the zipper opened and the phone was lost in the desert. Dropped from somewhere around 2000 meters i guess. After I lost it I was able to call it but not locate it. Somehow I was baffled that it was still working.

Last night however, I got an email from my Cerberus app, telling me that an unauthorised SIM card was installed! I got the gps location and the name of the wifi network that it was connected to, which was at the Jebel Ali Horse Race Track! I gave them a call this morning and the lady I was talking to is going to try and help me!

Right now I am stunned that it’s still alive after four months in the desert…

Keep your fingers crossed!


Wow, what a story! :open_mouth:

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Just got this email:

Hi there!

You are the luckiest person I ever see!!!

The guy handed it at security about 1 week ago and they forgot about it. They tried putting it on to open it to see who it belongs too. But they couldn’t phone out as the number is overseas. They’re not allowed to phone overseas.

So imagine the security face when I rocked up at the gate and ask about the phone. Ha ha!

The screen is a little cracked and it has some sand but otherwise seems to work. Needs charging.

So what do you want me to do?



This is the craziest lost and found story I have ever heard of. :smiley: You gave me a good laugh on that one. Thanks for that! Hope you’ll get it back soon. :slight_smile:

Cool story. I hope they will be able to send it to you. If not, please get in touch, as I have a friend in Dubai who will be coming to Europe in May, maybe she would be willing to take it.

If we had known this earlier, we could have employed the hot air airships to search for your phone at the Jebel Ali drop zone ;-).

Cheers, Christian

She will send it this week, no problem! Not sure if the other skydivers would have appreciated bouncing on airships… :smiley:

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The airships were there, but (very) early in the morning in the first week, like everything we did in the lighter than air competitions.

Just read your story - very unusual one! :smiley:

What’s the end of it? Did you receive your FP and how’s the status of it?

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Hello Philipp!

Thanks for writing! I will try to write a short story with photos soon!



Yeah, that would be great. Maybe the official FP Team would be interested. Kind of promotion or so. :wink:

Edit: Just cut out my signature from responding via email. :wink:

Fairphone sent from heaven :sunglasses: