Protection-Level of the Fairphone Protective Case

Is the Fairphone 3 Protective Case protecting the Fairphone 3+ enough against damage after falling or are there better protections?

That’s an odd question :slight_smile: I’m not sure many users are going to buy different cases and drop them from 2m, 10m and 30m for example.

maybe official fairphone can give you details on it’s spec. They must have done research.

And of course their will always be better but at what cost to the environment, fair wages, bulk and ease of use and of course for those that really don’t care money. :slight_smile:

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Let me ask my question different:
Does the Protective Case reliably protecting the phone?
Does anybody have good/bad experiences?

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Thank you @amoun this helped.
(I we posted nearly at the same second).

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No. But a large enough amount of bubble wrap around it does.

Seriously, if your phone falls at the wrong place at the wrong time and the wrong spot of the phone hits the wrong spot on the ground or whatever obstacle, it can break.
But just as well it may survive randomly absurd falls under lucky circumstances.

A protective case will give you more protection. That’s something.


You may a have a look at this topic:


Thank you @Volker and @amoun, this answered my question!


I want to add my experience here too. I’ve used the protective bumper in combination with a tempered glass screen protector, and I’ve had a pretty good experience! Dropped the phone on numerous occasions, usually from about 1m or less, at different angles to the ground and it’s worked well.

One time I was unlucky enough that I fell with my phone in my hand and it hit a rock on the ground. In this instance, had my screen protector not been there, I am certain that the pebble would have cracked my screen. Instead, the protector saved me :slight_smile:
I’m not sponsored by them, but here’s a link to their page: BROTECT AirGlass Panzerglasfolie für Fairphone 3 |


This sounds like me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, thank you all for your feedback, now I know that the Protective Case and also the Screen protector from Fairphone are doing their job very well.

Best regards


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Just wanted to clarify. I don’t use the protective case, only the bumper that came with my FP3. I’m not sure if they still ship it with the phone. Looking at the store, the protective case is a new item…

Personally I think it was a good idea for Fairphone to ship with the bumper before, and I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not shipped with the new one. Sure, some people might not have used it (Wasted Plastic! some people may cry) but some people who would not have otherwise used it, are now, by intertia, using the case. Preserve those electronics!

I think (INHO) it is a good idea, that Fairphone does ship the bumper separate to the phone (plastic waste).

Well, the bumper, it looks like, still ships with FP3, just not with FP3+. It also seems like you cannot buy the bumper separately. I think with this current set up, it’s possible more people will not protect their phones.

If I see it correctly, you can buy the bumber separate:

The bumper included with the Fairphone 3 is a different thing and not being sold separately.
It’s just a bumper, not a case, the back side of the phone is not covered. It works really well, though, at least for me.

It’s in this picture from the Fairphone website …


Saw no bumper on the link you provided, anyway the case protects the back too :slight_smile:

Sorry, mixed up “Bumber” and “Case”.

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Hmm! Bumber, Bumfer, Buffer, Bumper but not a Bummer


Nu fp3 Fell out of nu trouwers. The glas is broken. So now i bought An extra protective cover.

Yes! Prevention is important.

But I think the really important point here is the modular build and possibilities for repair, spare parts etc. My last phone fell on the hard floor and the screen got damaged and unreadable. The repair shop said everything important was soldered together so repairing it would cost more than a new phone.

It’s fighting against this wasteful consumerism, among other things, that brings us all here, I think. :smile:

Edit : clarification of last line.


Sort of, but who’s doing the thinking, clearly Fairphone are and I like to support them over the other stinkers :slight_smile: