Cars drove over my fp4

Hi all. An hour ago, two or three cars drove over my phone (fell out of pocket while crossing the street). Now the screen’s broken and it doesn’t work that well. I can’t take it apart, the very first screw broke (the one on that part I would need to take out first) and I can’t look at the small parts to see if they are okay or not. Should I just replace the whole phone or just the display? Since I don’t really know what’s broken inside or not…


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Just three weeks ago a German Federal Parliament MP actually reported that his FP4 survived being driven over by a car, he only needed a new display. But 2-3 cars is heavy, indeed.

Do you happen to know any other FP4 owners nearby? That would allow you to briefly test their display on your device. Or maybe there is a Fairphone Angel nearby?


Okay, thank you! I already contacted an Angel and will aks my roommate if I can try their display on my phone.


Good News everyone! Apparently FP4 survive 2-3 cars, except for the display! Just tried it with my roommates display and it works perfectly. Thanks for the advice @urs_lesse


I’d recommend you monitor the health of your FP4 battery nevertheless. Just have an eye on it every now and then, and every once in a while, power off the FP4, take out the battery and place it on flat surface to make a spin test (to find early signs of bloating).


I already ordered a new battery, I’m not comfortable with one that was driven over by cars :sweat_smile: better sure than sorry. But I’ll definitely try that trick the next time something happens! Thank you again for your (very quick) help! (You saved me a lot of money lol)


Wow I’m happy to see the FP4 is as accident resistant as previous versions and its time to Link the survival stories I think


Good News everybody! I’ve changed the display and the battery a week ago and it works perfectly!


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