A car ran over my FP2

I left it on the roof of my car, it fell down somewhere on the road (probably hit hard when it fell), I noticed that is missing 20 min later, went back and I saw it in the middle of the road. Had to wait for the traffic to clear (almost cried looking the poor thing lying there). I picked it up, a tyre trace was visible - at least one car run over it. I could find a really small (2 mm) crack on the corner of the case. That’s it. But the phone is working, display is as new.
So… a car ran over my FP2… and it survived :smiley:
People were so amazed, looking at it over and over and checking it out (my father also took time to google what’s Fairphone :smiley: )
So happy about it :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


I’m glad your Fairphone survived, but what surprises me the most about your story: How did you survive 20 minutes without your Fairphone? :wink:

Edit by @Stanzi: Don’t mind him, he’s a bit obsessed with FP :wink:


Well. I took kids to school - always a busy time :smiley: …also the reason why I put it on the roof of the car in the first place :wink:


Awesome story, thanks for sharing with us.


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