How solid is FP2? Share your crashtests!

Hi all,

With the passing of time, it becomes more and more likely that some FP2’s get smashed, cracked up, shattered, and so on. This is quite sad, but it also gives a great opportunity to assess if FP is as solid as fair.

Yesterday, mine fell from ~7m high while rock climbing (I know, that’s stupid… tell my friend who had it in her pocket!).

It bumped once on the cliff, and fell on the ground, made of dirt. One corner hit the ground first.

Result? Nothing, literally! I was quite amazed.

If you have similar happy (or less happy) experiences, please share them here!


It’s “only” about an FP1, but I guess this 2000 metres drop is likely to stay the record height unsurpassed for quite a while … :smiley:


Hey that’s me! I am planning to write a longer story with some photos about it. I’m using it right now since my FP2 has a faulty camera… :slight_smile:


I stupidly left my FP2 on the car roof and drove home. At 50kph it flew off the roof and onto the road where it was crushed by three cars and one bus!

I purchased a new screen and now the phone is fine! (except for a chewed cover which I will replace as soon as the new slim covers are available)


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