Loss of mobile network connection on FP2

Sorry i forgot to tell you that putting only to 2 G will increase your lose of connection depending on how the provider manage the priority of is Network usage…

ok, so will activating manual network search avoid such switches?

I’d love to find a state for my phone, where it will work reliably.

Hello again,

No, manual network searching does disabling finding an alternate Network (from another provider) so your phone ask for connection only at the provider you choose (much faster response and the network registration is not interfering with the other provider), Switching from the type of G is depending on the signal strength (as they say it but in fact it’s not the point).

It seems that I have a similar problem with my FP2, and for me it started about 2 weeks ago.
I use one SIM card in slot 1 and did not have any problems with mobile network connectivity the first months that I used the FP2.
And now I detected the following pattern:
Whenever the phone gets just a little bit warm, either due to loading the battery, or just by using the phone (eg. web browsing), then FP2 cannot detect any mobile networks any more, no matter if I use manual or automatic search and no matter if I select 2G only or any of the other options.
In the morning, when the phone has cooled down over night, the mobile network connection is there, until it will disappear after some minutes of phone usage…

To me this looks like a Hardware fault, so I probably have to contact the FP Support.
Or does anybody have another idea how to solve this?


If my fp2 has No Network Connection i toggle flight mode on/off. Then it works again. I put it on 3g prefferd this Works fine with me.
I Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Who’s your provider? Which version of Fairphone OS is on your phone?

I ask because this might be related to an old problem that was solved by an earlier update, but still might affect some people.

Look here:

My phone is on Fairphone OS 1.7.0 (I usually upgrade to the latest version short after release).
My provider is bob (Austria), which is kind of a sub-brand of A1 (Austria).

Thank you for the link to the quite interesting threads on killed SIM cards. However, while my phone was still on 1.6.something the its stability deteriorated to the point where I decided to switch back to my old iPhone 4S and also to an LG (I don’t know, which model). In both phones the SIM card worked flawlessly.

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Thanks for the hint with the flight mode on/off, unfortunately it did not help in my case. And I also have Fairphone OS 1.7.0, and my provider is Vodafone Germany.

Hi, I have a very similar Problem: when I try to make a call it takes about 40 seconds before I start hearing the sound that the other phone is ringing. Just after I start hearing it, it stops and the call gets automatically turned down. I am very disappointed.

Hi, i’m also using bob in my FP2.
Do you have roaming enabled on your FP2?
FP2 doesn’t support national roaming, so roaming has to be enabled in general for bob.

Sure I have roaming enabled. I’d never have any connection without :wink:

So, here a brief update: I switched to “preferred network mode: 2G only” last Friday. Up to now, I didn’t have any missed calls or network disconnects – I didn’t use my phone a lot these days.

I’ll keep it in this mode for the rest of the week at least and then also allow 3G.

At least I seem to have a stable connection for now. 2G only is, as you can imagine, a pain. So this is hopefully only an intermediate state.

This is not gonna help to find the solution, but i have the same problem… randomly, it loss connections to network. I haven’t experienced lost of calls, but when using for exemple google maps ou waze app, it just get disconnected from the network.

It happens also when location is turned off.
This plus + restarting randomly + battery not lasting even a day… i just hope it will be a solution soon.

I agree, this is not going to find, let alone solve, the problem. Without any tool for debugging at hand, this is pretty hopeless. Having bought a phone for more than €500, I shouldn’t have to do any of this.

Since the service centre hasn’t answered my ticket in three (3) weeks, I obviously need to identify a workaround on my own.

(Sorry for the harsh words, but I’m pretty fed up with this situation)

Hi I am experiencing the same problem. Below the description of the problem:

My fairphone is only able to doing pone calls when it has 4G coverage, but not regular coverage. I tried with my former mobile phone (changing the sim card) and in the same places I could not do calls with fairphone I can with my former mobile phone, so it is not a problem of the telephone service provider. I have just updated to Fairphone 2 OS 1.7.0 and I still have the same problem.

Thanks for a quick response.


I have very similar problems. At a lot of places where my colleges with the same provider have good reception my phone has not network.


Hi all

I’ve had this problem for a few weeks now. I lose connection all the time - I seem to be able to reproduce it in one specific situation, but it happens lots of other times too (when making calls, when checking facebook, etc).

Unfortunately I still have a very serious problem with random reboots (been going for 3 months+) so have requested a replacement.

I am running 1.7.0. I can reproduce the loss of network by opening the guardian app, then pulling down to refresh the information, at which point the network instantly disappears. It happened when I was using one sim. It still happens now when I use two sims - network on both sims disappears immediately that I try to refresh.

Not sure if this is helpful, but I guess it might be useful to know that others are experiencing similar issues.


This sounds like the problem I’ve been experiencing the last few weeks; when i am away from my wifi connection I don’t receive any app messages. When I come back to my home wifi, I suddenly get messages from the past hours all at once. What’s going on??

I got a new sim card and today also got it reset by my provider, but still didn’t get messages when I was just out.

Feeling frustrated!


Two quick things:

  • This is a community forum, so nearly all of the people here are fellow Fairphone owners. If you require customer support from Fairphone you’ll need to contact Fairphone customer support directly. See also the forum guide on Fairphone support. To avoid confusion: none of the community moderators are Fairphone staff.
  • Some, if not most of you, appear to have the same issues as described in the topic “FP2 dropping calls”. There is mention there that there can be problem with the connection of the antenna cable to the rest of the phone. One user reported that support is aware of this being the cause for at least some phones, and that if they establish that this is likely in a specific case they provide an option to replace the phone (or instructions on how to self-repair for those that dare to do that - check with support first before attempting, as this may affect your warranty).

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone is losing connection to the mobile network. If you see that the reception icon is empty, or has a cross in it, then it could be if that state persists for a long time.

I’m assuming you’re referring to WhatsApp/Signal messages, rather than MMS.
Have you tested whether cellular data works? (e.g. can you visit websites away from your wifi?)
If it does, have you tried opening the app when you’re away? If you do get the messages away from wifi when you open the app, then background data is probably restricted for that or all apps (see here).