Apps like WhatsApp only notify with WiFi

Hi, I’m having issues with WhatsApp. It does not notify at all when I’m connected to 3G/4G. I have good signal where I am but it doesn’t come through. I only get notifications when I’m on WiFi.

It only works when I open the app. Anybody having the same issue or know a way to solve this?

Wei Jin

I guess you have background data restricted. Have a look at Settings --> Data usage --> the three dots menu in the upper right corner: If it says “Allow background data” it’s restricted. But be careful, by allowing it, your phone will use much more mobile data.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve not got Background Data Restricted. I’ve turned it on and off again just in case. I don’t think that’s the main issue.

I also have a problem with the notifications in Whatsapp, even when I use WIFI. Sometimes I do not receive notifications until I open the app. Other times it works properly… Background data are allowed.

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solved yet? I’ve been struggling with this for a few weeks or months now