Losing mobile data multiple times a day

Two or three times a day I have no mobile reception at all. Switching from 5G/4G/… to 4G/3G/… OR VICE VERSA helps and I have reception again.

I found these two posts:

“If your SIM doesn’t support 5G, you should switch to 4G.” - this was relevant for me and helped around May 2022 or so, but an update seems to have solved it so now this is actually correct: “when its set to 5G/4G/3G/2G it will just Fall back to what is available”

“try to disable VoLTE” - I believe this did help at one time, but it hasn’t helped for a few months now. (Two system updates back or so maybe?)

More observations:

While switching between 4g and 5g (either way, switching is the keyword!) helps, strangely switching mobile data or airplane mode does not work around the issue.

The issue appears when I go to work or back. Maybe it has to do with losing contact to a cell for some time, or with moving between areas with and without 5g.

My guess: switching the phone from 5g to 4g or from 4g to 5g restarts the service that is responsible.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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