New FP4 has no mobile signal

Hi, I have just bought a new Fairphone 4 and asked for my old SIM card from my old FP2 that I put into my new FP4 to be activated but after 24 hours nothing had happened. I had already noticed that although I had wi-fi, I had no mobile signal showing - the triangle on the screen was empty. So I rang the Phone Coop who I had bought the FP4 from and they suggested I try putting my wife’s SIM card from her FP4 into my new phone to see if it was the SIM card that was the problem or the handset. She is on the same mobile network as me. When I put her SIM card in it showed that I now had a 5G mobile signal. So the Phone Coop sent me a new SIM card but when I put that in my new phone today it is showing no mobile signal again. If my SIM card is activated through a mobile signal and I can’r receive mobile signals then presumably my new SIM card won’t be able to be activated again and I won’t be able to use my new FP4. Any helpful thoughts please ?

Have you test it vice versa?
Yours new sim in yours wife’s phone?

Hi, no I haven’t tried it that way round. I will try it that way.

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Check the APN settings are correct when you miss mobile data. As your wife uses the same network you can just view the data on her phone and compare with yours. Its under settings, mobile network, SIM card, at the bottom.

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If your SIM-contract does not cover 5G, you should disable 5G on your FP4. Otherwise you will have no mobile data in areas with 5G reception.

Normally when its set to 5G/4G/3G/2G it will just Fall back to what is available


Thanks everyone for your suggestions so far. I was sent two new SIM cards today by Phone Coop. When I tried the first one the handset wasn’t showing a mobile signal like when I tried my old SIM card from my old FP2 but when I tried the second SIM card the handset is showing I have a mobile signal ! Hooray ! So I shall ask for that SIM card to be activated on Monday morning and hopefully that will be activated successfully and I shall have a working FP4 phone !
So thanks everyone so far and I’ll let you know hopefully when my SIM activates properly !

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I have been able to activate my new FP4 phone today. So it is all working well now ! Thanks everyone. :grinning:

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