LOS update problem via TWRP


never had any problems so far, but can’t update any longer LineageOS, because recently I get this message “Keep system readonly?” after rebooting into TWRP with the two options, a “Keep read-only” button and a “Swipe to Allow Modifications” slider.

It doesn’t matter what option I choose, I always land in the first top menu. So what to do? Should I manually install the update, but where can I find it? Or can I get it back to normal without this extra screen?

The only thing I changed was a update of TWRP to the newest version ( I installed it from within twrp as recovery image.


I’ve got exactly the same issue following the update of TWRP
When the system reboot into the recovery to update the system, nothing except "“Keep system read-only?” "

I suppose we may manually download the last image of LOS and flash it from TWRP but it’s a bit more completed than before.

How about enabling this “Never show this screen during boot again” thing offered right there :wink: ?

And you have to allow modifications for updating purposes.

No, you don’t need to check it for flashable ZIPs —read the red text, it applies to updates. In fact, it is safer to let it read-only by default for the majority of use cases.

Anyhow, updates are stored by the Lineage Updater at /data/lineageos_updates/. So if anyone has troubles they can just Install, navigate to that folder and flash the update manually.


When rebooting with the updater app of LOS (and only from the app) , there is no box “never show again” and it’s always asking to keep read only or not and therefore it’s not launching the update script.

When booting manually into TWRP, no issue and I can apply the zip manually.


I totally agree with @Peter974, the only difference for me is, that I need to decrypt my data-partition. Only after the decription I can see the img-file in the /data/lineageos_updates/ folder. So that was my problem for the manual part of it… thanks :+1: !

But still two problems resists, the extra dialog and the manual installation itself.

Why is it different now?

Is it possible to go backwards in the TWRP-history and to install a version which didn’t had this issue?

My data partition is encrypted as well, and when I boot into recovery manually, TWRP starts normally, I can decrypt my data and do whatever I want such as flashing the update file from the folder indicated by @Roboe .

But, as you, when rebooting with the LOS update app: no asking for decryption (so impossible to access the data after) and always asking for to modify or not the system partition: no update.

This issue appeared with the last version of TWRP.
This is not the end of the word, but it could mean than the auto updating app is not working anymore and therefore some people may not take the time or know how to flash it manually.

Yes. Since TWRP is a static tool that doesn’t store any data*, it can be safely replaced or downgraded. So if this update does bother you both, do it and install the previous release that worked fine.

I’m calling @z3ntu here —he’s the guy who ported and maintains TWRP for the FP2— so he is aware of the problem and could determine in which side the bug is, LineageOS Updater or TWRP itself.

*= well, some minor preferences only at /storage/emulated/0/TWRP/.twrps, to be exact.

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Yep, up-and downgrading TWRP shouldn’t cause any problems.

@bastoGrande Please report back which version works and which doesn’t.

My former TWRP-version was 3.1.1-0 do you remember yours @Peter974?

I believe it was the previous one:

Great so I’ll try yours tomorrow first.

Just installed but forgot that I can’t trigger an update before next week.

Or is there a way to trigger the reboot into recovery mode like the LOS-updater app does?

Isn’t there a “reinstall” option right in the LOS updater?

Edit: yes, I’ve checked. I can download the current build and trigger the install process (reinstall, really, in this case). Can you?

No, the last one from the 19th isn’t any longer visible in my LOS updater.

Since this week’s update the update app doesn’t show anymore the current image if already installed.

Since booting TWRP is not a problem, the question is how to get the phone into a state where booting TWRP would result in installing an update automatically …

… Would it be enough to put the update file in the correct place, or would there still be something else needed to trigger the install?

Something is put into the misc partition (on the FP2: pad partition) that probably signals that an OTA update is ready to be installed or something. I’d guess you have to look into the source code to find out what exactly (both Android and TWRP side)


Thanks for this. I got this now, too, while playing around with my encryption, and as though by chance …

My personal speculation …

To never show this Keep Read Only screen again, TWRP would have to store this choice somewhere (probably along with its settings).
It seems it can’t do this when data is still encrypted, so it doesn’t present the choice in this case.

Normally though, TWRP would ask for the decryption password first thing before everything else, but now the current TWRP 3.2.2-0 comes into play, which introduced

“OTA style update zips will now install automatically without prompting for decrypt”

So TWRP 3.2.2-0 seems to recognize it should install an update, and it doesn’t need to prompt for the decryption password in this case because those updates don’t do anything to the data partition … but that leaves data encrypted and so TWRP 3.2.2-0 doesn’t know its settings and starts from scratch with the Keep Read Only screen as well as doesn’t present the choice to never show this screen again.

If that’s how it is, then TWRP 3.2.1-0, prompting for decryption everytime, should work.
If not … don’t mind me and carry on … lalala (off playing around more, causing more mischief and mayhem) :innocent:


@AnotherElk Can you summarize quickly:
What works or doesn’t work on what version of TWRP?

From the Lineage thread I’ve taken that TWRP 3.2.2-0 has problems with LineageOS 15.1 encryption.