Looking for FP 2 spare parts in Australia

Hi all!

I’m looking for some spare parts for my Fairphone 2 which got water damaged in OZ. The display, batterie and bottom modules are no longer working so I was wondering if someone was selling or giving away these parts by any chance (I’m in Melbourne)? Or any physical retail store which sell them?

I had considered shipping the modules from Europe but it’s not the most ecofriendly option to me… I will go for this option if I cannot find anything “locally” :slight_smile:

Or maybe you guys have some other leads I haven’t thought about?

Thank you very much for your answers!!

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Just a thought, how long a go did you dunk the phone as was it fresh or sea water. It can take days of cool to warm flowing air to dry out the individual modules once you’ve taken the phone apart.


Parts that stop working from water damage may start working again after drying, which can take a while. Have you had a look at the #waterwiki ?

Of course I don’t know about the Covid situation in your area right now, but if meetings are possible, you might be able to find another FP2 user in your city. If that person is willing, you might be able to test your FP2 modules in another FP2 to find out what still works. Or if you’re really lucky, someone might actually have spares. You can give it a try in this topic:

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Hi @amoun :slight_smile:

Thanks for your message
The incident happened almost 3 weeks ago. I let the phone dry for 5 days and it worked perfectly when I re-assembled it. But then, when time to charge it up has come the battery didn’t get any power (the charging light stays red). That was 2 weeks ago. When I tried to turn it on again more recently the display didn’t respond either… I don’t have any fairphoner where I am so I cannot do a proper diagnosis unfortunately, and I’m getting worried about the other components that could let down one after the other.

I don’t know if there’s any way to stop prevent the other components to let me down? Do you have any thoughts on the topic by any chance?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers!

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Hi @robbert.f

Thanks for the sharing :slight_smile: As I said in my previous answer the incident happened 3 weeks ago, and I found the wiki after I put the Fairphone in the rice saddly… I took it to a phone repairer who cleaned the connectics with a special product but I wonder if it wasn’t already too late and the phone is damaged because of that…

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Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks for the sharing, I’ll go and ask if there’s still some fairphoners in the area!

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Part of the breakdown repair is that some of the individual modules can be dismantled to further clean, so there is a question as to how far your service engineer carried out the cleaning.

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