Looking for a FP2, in the UK only. First time user. Message me if you have one to sell, thank you, Iona

What product(s) are you looking for? An FP 2 . . .

(Once you have found the product you were looking for, please add [FOUND]
I’d really Like a Fairphone, but cannot afford a new one . . . (my son bought a re-conditioned one a few years ago for £40 :o !!! Times have changed.
Thank you, UK only

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, you will have to be a basic user on the forum. Reference about how to become one and other trust levels can be found here
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Just saying hello from Cornwall :slight_smile:

They still pop up on Ebay in UK for not much more, although usually requiring spare part such as bottom module or screen. Are you looking for one with 8 or 12 MP rear camera as the latter part costs quite a bit more? Any particular colour?

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I have a FP2 that I’m looking to sell. It’s in good condition after two years of use (bought Jan 2019). It has a couple chips on the case but is other wise in good condition. No scratches on the screen and all modules working.

This forum isn’t letting me attach photos, but can share them over email?

This is because you are a new user here and should lift after reading for ten minutes on the forum, and after one day.
You should be able to attach an image per post normally. I also advise you to avoid email and keep everything within the forum (for security reasons).


Thanks Lem55 :grin:
Can I reply later? Sounds good!
Phone (MotoG4) is really on its way out … Very very slow :thinking:
Iona (Malvern)

So nice to have a hello from Cornwall :grin:
Hello back from Malvern!!
What’s your name?

Hi there, thanks for the help!
I had a brief look on eBay buy there weren’t many and all new/expensive. …
I don’t really know what I’m looking for, just a functioning phone really :grin:
I’m not a super-tech person!!
Basic camera is fine.
Don’t know much about Fairphones, my son bought one for £40 a few years ago, even they still did that :joy:

Sounds good actually. Colour?
Price? Thanks :tulip:

Hi Iona,

It’s a turquoise one. I’ve had a look here and you can get replacement cases for 20 EUR if you something of a less distressed look!

Would £100 be reasonable? I bought it new for £360 two years ago, but I can imagine it’s worth anything close to that now with the FP3 out.

Thanks for explaining! Photos uploading now as you say :grin:

Happy to keep discussions on the form Iona if you’re happy with that


Actually that sounds great.
Sons have just pointed out that there’s no guarantee. . . Do I actually trust this …??
I pointed out, I tend to trust people :wink:
How do we do this …

Later ok?
Phone still working on and off

Hi @lem55 Laura

It’s general practice to show an image of the phone working with today’s date on it :slight_smile:


Here’s a picture I took earlier today - was going to upload a bunch before but I wasn’t able initially.

Yes not sure how to do this. I’d like to receive money over Paypal before posting, but I’m sure you’d like to see the phone before paying!

I’ll have a look and see what people have done on other forum posts.

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Most of the time first the buyer pays, then the phone is sent.
Otherwise you can receive half of the money, then send the phone, and you receive the second half after.


@Yoyo-na - let me know if you’re happy to pay over Paypal first as @Alex.A suggests. If so I’ll send you my Paypal account details and if you send your address I’ll pop it in the mail with a tracked delivery as soon as the money comes through.

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Happy to call first or send more pictures if you’d rather not trust a total total stranger!

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Note: to meet the requirements to send a DM on the forum, you still have to open four topics to reach the basic user trust level.

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Do you want to email me the PayPal details privately, it on here?
Shall I post my address here?
Thanks to Alex for your help!
Ps, looks good :grin::pray: