Looking for a FP2, in the UK only. First time user. Message me if you have one to sell, thank you, Iona

I’ve sent you a private message with my PayPal. You can message your address there if you’d rather not make it public on a forum!

Yes, thanks for the help @Alex.A!


@Yoyo-na @lem55

I notice that each of you can use the private message on this forum now :slight_smile:

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Thank you both/all!!
Iona :pray::tulip:

@Yoyo-na did you get my private message?

Not yet looked, don’t like being online for long.
I’ll do it later, need to get some real air :grin:
Hope that’s ok?!
Iona :tulip:

Hi Laura, no haven’t seen message. I thought it’d be an email so came to look.
No idea how to make msgs private … :thinking: Will go back and look …

Double click on the icon message here:

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Hi @Yoyo-na

You can click on any authors icon/avatar at the beginning of a post to message them.

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