Looking for a FP2 bottom module/ich suche ein fp2 bottom module


I am looking for a bottom module for the FP2. Shipping would be to Switzerland.
Thank you for your help.

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I also need a new bottom module as it stopped working just some days after Fairphone stopped selling original replacement parts (why did I buy a repairable phone again?) …

Location would be Munich/Germany


It’s an attractive idea but beauty fades in the eye of the beholder as the eyes tire and the brain looses focus.

Hi @hannah1 and @fp2089 welcome to the forum.

Please have a look at this post.

Also looking for a FP2 bottom module (my microphone just died :cry:), to be shipped to Belgium please :pray:.
I already tried restarting the phone, cleaning it, re-tightening the screws and taking the module out then replacing it.
'Hope I can find another bottom module and make my FP2 last longer :crossed_fingers:


Hi togehter, I need your help !! I’m looking for a FP2 bottom module, the microphone no works.
Ich suche ein FP2 Bottom-Modul, das Mikrofon funktioniert nicht mehr! Dringend…
Wohne bei Darmstadt/Germany.
Ich würde mich riesig freuen über eine positive Nachricht!
Danke und beste Grüße

Look here:

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Hi Volker, I’m looking for a FP2 bottom module, the microphone no works. Have you yet a FP2 bottom module ?

Hi @Helloelo,
I’m very sorry. I don’t have a spare FP2 bottom module. I was just linking to someone having one in June…

I’m also looking for a FP2 bottom module. My microphone doesn’t work since 3 months but I don’t want to call/talk over the speaker anymore (people near me get annoyed)

If somebody has a working FP2 bottom module I would be happy :slight_smile:
Or does anybody know if is it possible to just replace the microphone (soldering)?

It would be a perfect christmas gift for me :wink:

Hi take a look at

There’s info in the topic


Suppose you’ve also considered to use a headset as workaround?


Yes thank you. :+1: I have considered to use a headset but unfortunately a headset is not at hand anytime if someone is calling. :wink:


Hi amoun, thank you very much for researching the topics.

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Maybe you can get a refurbished bottom module:

Bonjour à tous. Je cherche aussi un “bottom module” pour FP2, en raison d’une panne de micro. Qui peut m’aider?
Un grand merci!