Searching for FP2 bottom module / Germany

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FP2 bottom module

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

Hi Christiana and welcome to the forum.

There have been a lot of request for the bottom module lately, so it’s as bit of a search.

What do you think is wrong with the module? If it’s charging issues check the usb port and cable for dirt that may cause resistance.

Another issue is that the soldered joints of the usb to the module may be damaged, so if you like you attempt or ask someone else to effect a repair if that is the issue.

OK here’s a link to help repair if the problem is joint fatigue.

Debris issues, although this post is for an FP3

Hi amoun,

I am searching because my microphone doesn’t work as it should. Every time I pick up an incoming call the other guy does not hear me clearly but very dully. I hope I could fix this with a new bottom module.

Have you tried cleaning out the microphone vent/hole?

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