Location of FP4 microphone(s?)

I’m a happy user of FP4, but sometimes people I’m phoning complain that they can’t hear me, and I think that I can help that by talking directly into the microphone. But I’ve never actually worked out where the microphone is, and I’ve searched the website without finding any answer to the question. An embarrassing question but we’re among friends here.

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Little holes top, bottom and side ??

If you search the forum . . .


Thanks @anon9989719 ! That’s interesting.

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While being mindful of the poorly-chosen locations of microphones might help somewhat, there are numerous reports of poor sound quality on the FP4 input side on calls of various forms. There were some improvements to this a while ago (some apps were reportedly almost unusable), but many people still report it as being a problem:

In my personal experience, the phone is usable as a phone, but has the worst audio quality of any phone I’ve had in the last decade, and if I’m not using an external microphone, I’ll frequently get complaints and comments from people I’m talking with. Taking care not to cover the microphones can help (the left-side microphone is placed in a location likely to be covered, for example), but isn’t sufficient. Speaking directly into the microphone is likely to be difficult, given the locations on the sides, and the choice of microphone for different types of calls.

Honestly, using an external microphone is probably the best solution if audio quality is critical.

Thank you @const . I’ve looked at the discussion you’ve linked to, which is very long and rather disheartening. I don’t imagine that many phone users know that the different microphones are used differently by different apps. Thanks for the suggestion about an external microphone. At least I’m no longer embarrassed by my question!

:thinking: Hmm. I’ve never got complaints from other people, it’s mostly me who doesn’t hear very well because of choppy sound.
Either all my interlocutors are all very polite (or expect me breaking up since I’m often in areas with limited coverage), or my problem is different from your problem.

One thing is sure, there is a problem. I’ve been using mobile phones since they exist, I’ve been in places you had to do acrobatics to get any connection, but this is the first time I have problems like these. :frowning_face:

So, to summarise the answer to my own question, based on other posts here and their links, my understanding now is that the FP4 has three microphones, the small holes on the top, bottom and left-hand sides as you look at the screen, and that which of these microphones is in use depends on the app you are using. There has been some discussion in the thread linked by @const about quality but my original post was much more straightforward and I consider it answered.

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