Call quality and noise cancellation (regular calls, handsfree, Signal voice messages, Microsoft Teams video calls)

BTW and for the record, I tried disabling 5G for several hours, and it didn’t change anything. People hear me, I have choppy sound.

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:frowning: also have dreadful call quality and I feel like it has happened since the upgrade…is there any way to ‘un-upgrade’ my phone?? I just want to be able to make calls again without issues! :frowning:

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One thing I’ve noticed, the quality seems to be better immediately after rebooting the phone, and then get worse after the phone has been on for a while…surely this must indicate a software issue rather than any hardware issue?

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To exclude hardware you can check corresponding the internal audio tests (depending on if it happens handsfree or on earspeaker or both?) by calling.


Yes this is software issue. When the signal is low your phone needs to switsh from 5G to 4G then 3G even to keep the signal good. I have always noticed this on every single phone since 4G.
Now they have fixed it quite a lote since latest 2 updates and in France on free mobile, I can now see it switch to 3G when on GSM calls and people now hear me much better.
If you want to receive better GSM call I would recommand :
1 ) trying to deactivate 5G and prefer 4G.
2) deactivate data connection when you want to call in GSM if it is not suffisient.

Well, I might have a different experience here (also in France, using Orange): I’m now inside Paris, with solid 5G coverage everywhere, and my FP4 is now continuously on “5G”.
Since I’m here, the annoying choppy sound issues I had down south have gone away altogether! :star_struck:
Sound is like it should be - crystal clear, on both sides, in any situation.

:thinking: Now could it be (potentially, just a wild guess) that something inside the FP4 chokes on anything slower than a solid 5G connection? Emphasis is on “solid”: When I was on borderline situations where the phone switched between 5G-4G, I had choppy sound.

It would be consistent with my experience so far. What do you guys say?

Edited to add, two weeks later:
No, the problem came back, so 5G and the quality thereof are not a factor. The problem seems totally random, just coming and going randomly, sometimes for a longer period.

Just my experience and input: My contract does not allow 5G connections, yet (reseller of O2) and so far I did not have any sound problems in calls - neither in A11 nor in A12.
But of course this is annoying and - believe it or not - the main task of a phone :roll_eyes:

The problem is not likely a 5G issue but the compatibility your carrier provides with the Fairphone :slight_smile:

Well, “Orange France” I’m using is a Fairphone reseller, and one of those who got the delayed A12 rollout because of “special fixes”, so in this case I would expect them to have a “better” FP4 service. Apparently it’s more complicated than that. -shrug-

Today’s Signal update says it added the possibility to select audio device for calls. Maybe this means you could choose the right microphones? Anyone still having issues can test?

I’ve just quickly chcecked audio recordings, but it can’t (yet) be selected for them. I use Signal kust for messaging, so can’t test the calls.

Beta or stable release? I’ve read developments on the Signal forum. Would be cool to finally have the mic option and do Bluetooth calls. But it would still be up to FP to reduce the echo and boost the quality when using the FP mics.

I’m on stable 6.17.3.

I’m still on version 6.16.2 :nerd_face: Firebase delay I guess.

The vanilla Play Store version right now is 6.16.2 indeed. That’s the one I have too.

Weird. I’m definitely not a beta tester. So let’s just wait until somebody else receives the update :slight_smile:

Wasnt that possible before (switching between earpiece and loudspeaker) just slightly different? Now it looks like this

I havent ever had issues using Signal Calls on the FP4 and had the impression it was solved foe Signal, so are there still issues for others?

That menu and ability is new.

I use Signal a lot and it’s a pain to use since I have my FP4. The person on the other end now hear themselves and extra noise, maybe from attempts to filter out noise by the FP4. Loud ticks can be heard for example. Noise cancellation isn’t done well, if at all. This can easily be reproduced. Make sure you use the loudspeaker, as is for video calls.

I use the loudspeaker when using signal calls (with or witbout video) and dont have those issues on the FP4 so far (I know how it sounds from the FP2 in the past).

The problem is experienced on the other end of the call. But if you pay attention you can hear the noise leak into your call as well. This depends on how well the noise cancellation works on that other end. Usually a lot better than on the FP4 end, so you may barely hear it.

I know who hears what and I dont have issues with my FP4, or should I say the other end has no issues talking to me over my FP4 to make it clear I understand.