Microphone location is bad

I realized that when I talk on speaker sometimes people couldn’t hear me anymore or told me there is a lot of noice. I then asked the other person to tell if they can hear me when I cover the little holes on the frame. There are three. One on top, one on the bottom and one on the left side. The other person could hear me well when I covered the one’s on top and bottom. However they couldn’t hear me anymore when I covered the one on the left side. So I guess the microphone used for speaker mode calling.

Then I realized that when I was holding the phone in my hand in front of me and talking on speak, I accidently covered the microphone with my finger. Which resulted in a lot of noice or they couldn’t hear me anymore.
I find it bad placed and I think it would have been better on top or bottom.

Any opinions/experiences on that?

Well yes if others hold the phone as you did it will be a problem.

On the FP3 there was a similar issue of covering the speaker on the left if holding in the left hand. ?? People sounded very quiet ~ i wonder why ??

Side positioning does seem to warrant extra care

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The bottom mic is out of place as well. I usually rest my phone on my finger, then that mic is blocked as well. From what I understand, the top mic is used to record when the phone is used for handsfree/video calls. The other mics are then used for noise cancellation.

But the side mic is positioned not right as well. The phone is heavy enough to sometimes switch hands. It’s easily blocked in the left hand.

FP is working on microphone improvements.


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