Is the tiny hole on the left side of FP4 a microfone?

Hi there, a friend asked me what the hole on the left is meant for and I wasn’t sure. Besides USB-port is a hole that looks the same. Are those two microfones? And if yes, is it common for Smartphones to have microphones on sides?

There are actually three microphones in the FP4. In addition to the two you already mentioned, the third one is at the top of the device.

If you call * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # * you get a large range of hardware tests. When you choose “Audio”, there are three microphones that get checked (although I find it hard to figure out how the test is supposed to work).


On the FP3 each time I select a mic, I have to speak, and then it plays it back. There are two mics on the FP3 and the top one is much quieter than the bottom one, so I imagine something similar in the FP4


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