Location disturbs mobile data

When an app uses the location and Location mode is on “High accuracy”, mobile data is not working anymore. This appears in different ways: usually everything looks normal except there seems no data to be transferred (network icon is on with “4G”, “H” or “H+”, but only arrows for upload are appearing once in a while). Sometimes there is mobile network but no data connection and sometimes the mobile network is missing at all (even at places where there should be a good network connection). I figured out that switching location mode to “Device only” and then turning flight mode on and off again solves this problem (at least until location mode is set to “High accuracy” again automatically).

Having this problem for 2 weeks now and I think it’s related to Re-Enter SIM PIN. I have no modifications like root or changed bootloader at the moment.
Anybody having this problem, too?

Do you still have this problem if you set the data sim to 3G?

Yes, even when setting it to 2G

Is it every app or can you identify certain apps?

It occurs when an app uses the location, from that point on no app gets any data.
Since yesterday I can not reliable reproduce this behaviour, it occurs only sometimes. A bit like the problem I referenced in my first post - occured at some time and seems to stop without any obvious reason.

I would suggest leave it as it is, because there is always a chance that the upgrade to Android 6 will fix your problem.

The upgrade did not fix the problem I think it’s even worse now. I’m in an urban area and getting notifications that there is no service at all or a message about managed roaming (although there should be no foreign networks available here).

Obviously I’m not the only one experiencing this problems, there are 2 similar German threads now.

I’ve never experienced a similar problem.

Maybe there’s a problem with your SIM card. Who’s your provider?

The network provider is Drillisch. I don’t know if it matters that there is
mainly used the GSM1800 network. I tried the sim card in both slots. By end
of the month I may try it with a sim of another provider again.

I’m with Drillisch, too. But I do not have your problem that mobile data is always not working exactly at the time when GPS is used.

I also have sometimes the problem that mobile data is sent, but not received (especially in the morning). I think it’s due to an overload of the mobile network. It behaves better with the E-Plus network, so select the E-Plus network manually and set the network selection to “Automatic” afterwards.

(I think it’s time for O₂ to merge the both networks here [in Dresden], and extend the capacity of LTE by adding LTE to non-LTE stations and also using the 1800 MHz band for LTE [they are using only the 800 MHz band here].)

The problems are occuring with Vodafone, too. Another guess by me is that 3G is not working at all on my phone anymore. Everything is fine with 4G and slow with 2G, but when there’s no 4G network available there is no data transferred at all. Calls are not possible as well in this case. Maybe I should try to do a factory reset to make sure it’s no software problem.

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