🇧🇪 List of hardware stores selling Fairphones in BXL?

(I only see menu NEW> “CREATE NEW TOPIC)” I’m working on a computer I don’t have a smartphone yet, I’ll intend to buy one in 2024

and… where can I find a list of SHOPS (= real ones, no internet), in Brussels (Belgium), I can visit to SEE, FEEL and TEST a Fairphone?
Thanks and enjoy end-of-year activities &…have a fresh start in 2024

AHA! AFTER posting my reply, a magnifying glass appeared and I could search… OK, so just the list of hardware stores selling Fairphones in BXL remains.

Welcome to the community forum.

I made the topic title reflect that so it would be more visible to users possibly in the know.

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hello and welcome
the FP site gives some guidance on local sellers in Brussels, Where to buy | Fairphone
you could also check with some Brussels Fairphone Angels - community volunteers - 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program and Map (Local support by community members)
There has also been a wiki on Fairphone resellers - ✏ List of Fairphone 5 Resellers

good luck


Thank you. I can get started. The first website is clearly not designed for computer use (I don’t have smartphone ,just a mac mini = a desk computer), but the 2 names, on the last website are OK.

Coolblue is unreachable via phone or mail, you’ve to get there physically), but Krefel is. I contact them tomorrow.

Glad I could help.
I am a PC person myself, working on a huge screen most of the time, but I know some of the websites are sometimes tricky across devices,
this is how I see the website in question, on windows desktop

Apart from Krefel, I spotted Proximus, though it does not tell me anything. In Poland it seems there are no local resellers.

I forgot to tell you. I found a KREFEL shop nearby and I could buy it there. It was a present of a friend, which I appreciate enormously (and $, of course, not only for that present).

I catching up with all topics.

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