✏ List of cases specifically made for the FP3 and FP3+

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All of the following manufacturers’ cases fit both the Fairphone 3 (without bumper) and the Fairphone 3+. Cases that fit the FP3 with bumper will be marked specifically.


  • Fairphone 3 Bumper
    Fairphone’s own bumper wrapping around all edges of the FP3 (but not covering the back of the phone), included with every new FP3. Not included with the FP3+ and not available for purchase. More details: Support article.
    If you need one, try your luck in this forum’s unofficial marketplace.

  • Fairphone 3 Protective Case
    Fairphone’s own protective case made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), available in these colours: black | blue | green. More details: Support article.

Anna Treurniet

Avizar (at GSM55 shop)


LabilStabil (at Vireo shop)

For discussions about any of the cases go to: Cover for the FP3