✏ List of cases specifically made for the FP3 and FP3+

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All of the following manufacturers’ cases fit both the Fairphone 3 (without bumper) and the Fairphone 3+. Cases that fit the FP3 with bumper will be marked specifically.


  • Fairphone 3 Bumper
    Fairphone’s own bumper wrapping around all edges of the FP3 (but not covering the back of the phone), included with every new FP3. Not included with the FP3+ and not available for purchase. More details: Support article.
    If you need one, try your luck in this forum’s unofficial marketplace.

  • Fairphone 3 Protective Case
    Fairphone’s own protective case made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), available in these colours: black | blue | green. More details: Support article.

Anna Treurniet

Avizar (at GSM55 shop)


LabilStabil (at Vireo shop)

Cork Case

Leather luxury style

Leather budget range

Silicone Protect Cover Phone Case

For discussions about any of the cases go to: Cover for the FP3