LineageOS Bugtracker

To submit bugs for LineageOS for Fairphone, you can use the bugtracker.

But before you do, please read this:

LineageOS for Fairphone Bugtracker.

Thank you for considering contributing to LineageOS for Fairphone.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need to get started right away! Take a minute to read it so we know you respect the time of the developers managing and developing this project. In return, we will reciprocate that respect by addressing your issue, assessing changes, and keeping your issue up-to-date.

LineageOS for Fairphone is a community (that’s you) project.

Please don’t use the issue tracker for support requests or other open questions. Our forum and IRC/Matrix channel can help you answer to those questions.

How to contribute:

All contributions and bugs can be submitted in our bug tracker. Even small issues such as spelling mistakes can be made into a bug.

  • Create an account on the bugtracker.
  • Check for duplicates. Vote up an existing bugreport instead of filing a similar one.
  • Have a look at the bugs already submitted to get a feeling for how to do it.
  • Now click the bright green button in the top right of our issues list and fill in the field in the new window that pops up. Easy, right?

You’re ready to submit your first bug!

  • Give as complete and detailed information as possible when submitting a bug.
  • Include the OS version, apps in use, networks connected and steps needed to reproduce the bug if possible.
  • Use factual language describing the issue, not your personal feelings on the issue or how it is being handled.

If you’re still not confident that you’re doing it right, feel free to ask for help. Don’t worry, everyone is a beginner at first.


You can chat with the LineageOS team members and the rest of the community on and #fairphone on Freenode. But most of us gather on


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