LineageOS 15.1 auto update check not working

The auto update check is not working in 15.1, it worked fine in 14.1. I have to check manually but update process itself is working fine.
Any idea how to debug this?

I did a bug report when I enter the update menu, will upload it later, may it helps

For me it does work fine… What’s the checking frequency you use?

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Where can I adjusted the frequency.

I have only those three options as shown in the screenshot

Well, i did not check for a long time, obviously. I guess since lineage switched to daily builds, they removed the frequency settings…
You have an interesting mixture of WiFi and airplane mode… Is it always this way?

OK, so what :blush:?

Nope only today to safe battery

bug report is created and logcat is uploaded BUGBASH-2634

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any Idea how how to get it working on my phone?

I’m not sure. Two thingsi can imagine
Try to disable automatic checks, quit settings, enter them again and enable it again


Go to apps, display systemapps, and clear the cache of updater


just done, it now shows me the avaialbe updates when I open the update (it didn’t do so before). Will see if it gonna notify me tomorrow about a new update

@lklaus, your suggestion helped me, it worked :grinning:


do you know what happened to the LinageOS bug tracker system?
I wanted to update my bug report below but always end up at, that is not the place I’m used to be.
By the way, what is about LineageOS Bugtracker, as it mentioned only LinageOS14.1?

Actually, no… I’m not that deep into LOS development… Looks like they left jira in favor of github? I did not hear anything about this, but this does not mean much … See above :wink:

The bugtracker hosted by fairphone has an expired certificate. Strict browsers like firefox refuse to connect to this, some other browsers seem to still be able to connect, if you force it…
Hopefully, they will fix the certificate next week, when everybody returns to work …

found it where shall FP2 LOS bug be reported to?

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