LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2

Because the linked thread (and I assume the corresponding update) isn’t available to everybody yet, and when it will become available next week the info will be correct? Just guessing :slight_smile: .

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I’m subscribed to the security bulletin, it’s not released yet.
Fairphone only announced the next bèta OTA, it’s not yet there.

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OEMs such as Fairphone receive the patches directly from Google and the chipset manufacturers. AFAIK they get the patches a few weeks before they are publicly available, so they can test them early enough.


Exactly. They cannot be disclosed early, but it absolutely makes sense for Fairphone to test the updates in the Beta already, to deliver it to all customers in time.

Disclosure: I am in Fairphone OS Beta with Google Services.

I’m sorry to hear that. For me the issue is fixed with that version. Mabye you also need the newest modem file?

I do have the latest modem files and I have the 25th september version. Still, the call voloume issue is not fixed for me. :frowning:

Has there been an approach to the last part of that question?
I still can’t disable individual SIMs when running LineageOS

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A question for everybody: The call volume issue was fixed with the Fairphone OS 17.09.3 and the Fairphone Open OS 17.09.3. The latest LineageOS build dated 25092017 has the fix as confirmed by @daTodi. Why am then still facing this issue? What am I doing wrong?

Released OTA version 20171004 with the latest security bulletin:


Thanks for the update! One question: Will baseband (modem) updates be pushed over OTA as well or do we have to do them manually ?


Updated and working fine with microg.

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Updated 2 FP2, process went straight and without any glitches.
Both phones are alive an kickin’.

As always, many thanks for this @snevas, this is really marvellous.


Hello all,
i am on LOS since two weeks now. And it works really well. I have no problems at all. But i am not able to update the system.
The Phone boots into TWRP and than i could not finde the Update File. Can someone help me?
Thx… Mani

You are obviously not on the latest TWRP. Flash the one from and it will work.

[quote=“AnotherElk, post:218, topic:29441”]

[quote=“jnsp, post:252, topic:27530, full:true”]
Fairphone hasn’t changed any files for the modem firmware in FPOS 17.10.1 compared to FPOS 17.09.3. So there won’t be a flashable ZIP file this month.
[/quote] [/quote]
@AnotherElk, I’m bit confused here how does @jnsp statement answers @M_Dammer question?
For the sake of convenience can you put the files on in one of these folders:

  1. LineageOS
  2. Modem
  3. TWRP
    and add RSS support to each of the this folder on this HTTP File Server (HFS)
    so I can subscribe to those feeds by ifttt or zapier.
    Subscribing to very active threads as his one isn’t really an option, I’ve got so many subscription running it’s got too messy, as properly others too. That would be an possibility to reduce incoming mail traffic.

btw. I’m still running on modem 17.07.06 as I missed the update due to the problem described below.
I may have problem to successfully send SMS to certain numbers, I still have to verify (and will open a bug in the tracker), it might be a network operator related issue.

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Search for the latest OTA in /data/data/org.lineageos.updater/updates

Find the detailed instructions to update here:

The setup we have now works good enough. Somewhere in the (not so) distant future lineageOS will take over the building, so doing this feels like wasted time. Let’s focus on getting the bugs fixed.


but would life make life a bit more convenient as the modem file is not the only thing you have to look after when hunting bugs and trying optimize battery life, usage etc. that means I have to make sure to run on the newest app of this and that etc.
I’m just a big of keeping things as simple as possible, the entry barrier as low as possible respectively. It has already been right a challenge to understand doing logcats at least at basic level (coming from 0%) although not all question are answered yet

That’s exactly what the current setup does.

Big deal. Out of the files on the server, the modem file version is the only one not easily visible on the phone once installed (LineageOS build date is in Settings - About phone - LineageOS version, TWRP version number is visible in TWRP).

Workaround: Take notes when installing. Or if in doubt, just install the latest modem version anyway, until now I found no harm in doing that :wink: .