LineageOS 14.1 with OTA updates for FP2

Pushed new update with stamp 20171016 with all the WPA fixes:

Thanks for testing @struppi


Thanks for doing the real work, @snevas :slight_smile:


I’ve just recieved my Fairphone and flashed the 20171016 build (also tried Thanks for the great work!

However, I can’t shut down my device - it just boots again immediately, as if I had selected “Reboot”. An adb logcat doesn’t show anything interesting, but it also quits after the shutdown.

Any idea what could be going on there?

Yeah, this bug is still around …

But you can reboot to recovery and power off in TWRP, that works :wink: .

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Modem files: 17.09.3 (unchanged)

Build date: Mon Oct 16 21:13:24 UTC 2017
Installed via TWRP alongside Open GApps pico from Fri Oct 20

The following things work for me so far:

  • call / be called
  • send SMS / receive SMS
  • internet via WiFi
  • internet via mobile network
  • location
  • compass
  • screenshot
  • main camera (new module)
  • selfie camera (new module)
  • USB connection to PC
  • alarm (incl. swiping it off)
  • MyPhoneExplorer


How to check? Developer options say Root access is still set to Apps and ADB … is this enough?

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Installed the version from 16.10.2017 without problems. Thanks!
Is there any possibility to see a changelog or something? On the phone or in a forum?

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I’ll post here every time I push something OTA with a description. To see all changes of all builds including testbuilds:
On the left you see the comments I’ve added, on the right the changes in the device-tree on github (not kernel / lineage base / blobs).

I’ve already tested it by running Adaway :slight_smile: But yes, the developer option being there should indicate enough!


Just a little question. Would it make sense to set the ntp server to a European source? I read that it helps the speed of getting a fix with gps…


There will be official nightly lineage builds now.




Thank you very much for all you work and effort, Chris!

Great news!
Thanks for your all the hard work and time, all of you put in that project!

Cool! :slight_smile:

The FP appears on but not on
Should it be listed there as well?

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Great work @chrmhoffmann! If the device is listed on the download-section, I’m gonna supply a migration zip so people can switch to the official release WITHOUT factory resetting the device.


I think it will appear there as soon as there is a nightly build for download available. Currently the downloads list for FP2 is still empty:

Great news that the FP2 is now an officially supported LineageOS device. Thanks for all your hard work!

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But officially this is not supported for end users.



I have a flashable zip ready that can be queued before the official build that alters the keys for you automatically (just as earlier to get from your unofficial build to the OTA-updatable one).
I want to test it before I post it, so hopefully we get a nightly build soon.

(I’ve already put it in the Matrix channel if you want to see it beforehand)


Sounds very reasonable, didn’t think about that :slight_smile:

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Our build window is allways Tuesday. So we get the first official tomorrow.