Lineage OS 16.x?

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Does anyone knows if Lineage OS 16.1 will come out for the FP2?


Afaik there is already a developer build that works, so I’m pretty confident that it will.


That’s great news, couldn’t find any link so started to be worried :slight_smile:


It might play a role here that the next version seems to be 16.0, not 16.1 :wink: .


OK well l’ll just wait :relaxed:


“Bump” :wink:

Any news? Would be willing to test…


I think you’ll have to ask @chrmhoffmann, the porter of LOS on FP2 :slight_smile:
Half a year ago he released this “trailer picture” on his twitter account:


Yes, please! I’d be up for testing as well (and throwing some cash if that helps ^___^)


Whilst things may have changed (and I would totally understand that), the last time cash was mentioned: