Lineage OS 16.x?

The authors of the patches are mentioned in their release notes. Mostly they are from Fairphone developers, from what I recall. I just hope these patches went to Code Aurora, too.

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They are from the 18.10.0-sibon-280f64b0 tag in the kernel repo. A github mirror is available here.

The 3.4 kernel is dead. And most of these patches are just backports of upstream commits / Fairphone specific patches that will live and die in this 3.4 kernel tree. :wink:


I know, I know, I just meant the Code Aurora upstream… I didn’t know of the origin of all these patches and just took orientation from their tagged author.

There’s also nothing happening at CodeAurora with 3.4 kernels. The only place where I know some people are looking at those kernels is at LineageOS where people are backporting patches to make the kernel run newer Android versions, but even there each person just cherry-picks patches from a random kernel there. A common codebase with these vendor kernels is just impossible without spending way too much time on it.


I just didn’t understand all of that, yet. Is FP using an outdated kernel, will there be any chance to switch to a newer one and what is Fairphone as a company currently using for its OSes? Does this lead to problems porting LOS16 to the FP2?

As is every other Android device. The situation has gotten better with new SOCs though, so it doesn’t apply as strongly to new devices.

Fairphone doesn’t have the money to achieve this. With huge amounts of money and huge amounts of time it would be possible there are few advantages (for running Android)

Every OS on the Fairphone 2 is using this 3.4 kernel.

I’ve been using LineageOS 16.0 for about 1.5 weeks now; so no, no (direct) problems because of the kernel. Thankfully Android doesn’t really care what kernel you are running (if it supports the necessary kernel features - which can and were backported to the 3.4 kernel)


A similar question has also been answered by @Roboe some time ago:
Why is FP2 kernel so old?


Can anybody of the testers of LOS 16 already confirm, if the high battery consumption of the network standby still exists in the new android version?


The battery life is comparable to the one on 15.1. The biggest change I’ve recently seen in battery usage was switching to a provider who gives me LTE internet (before I just had relatively bad Edge internet many hours of the day) and since then my battery consumption has really dropped (surely something like 50-100% longer battery life)


OK. Good to know. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the response!
I think if you stay in the preferred (4G) connection, the battery is excellent.
During my train rides, while the connection quality is constantly changing, the battery level drops quite fast.
So it might be the search for the preferred connection that costs a lot of battery… Is my hypothesis :grin:

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2G/3G have more overhead than 4G (LTE), and require also more battery consumption than LTE. This isn’t unique to Fairphone. If you do not require the LTE speed, those are 2 good reasons to still go for 4G. If not just for the fact that 3G is being phased out.

Any update about the release?

I guess this is stll true. :slight_smile:
If you want to follow (or even support) the developmen process check this topic:


I’m curious how long it still goes until OS 16.0 come out.

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I’m not in a hurry am satisfied with the OS 15.1: D

Just updated and works fine :grinning:

Looks like this can be closed now:)