Lineage 18.1 - finally official

Nice idea for everything that works already, but not for the proprietary feature “passwordless authentication”. Therefore I asked for experiences with this specific feature.
Today I learned that a colleague of mine has all this magic running on an unfair phone which is rooted. That makes it even more strange that it doesn’t want to work with my FP2…

No experinence just an idea. Is it probably related to some sort of hardware security zone like ARM TrustZone.

Sometimes you can understand what’s happening by looking at the log given by typing “adb logcat” from your computer (first enable USB debugging) and searching for the app name :slight_smile:


Thanks for the hint, I’ll try this before changing to the stock OS because my company’s helpdesk has just given up on this. Currently it looks like they want to resolve this by adding a remark that only stock OSes are supported…

From all I can see in adb logcat (with filters on the authenticator app) there’s nothing that looks suspicious at the first sight unfortunately :confused:
But as I wanted to see if there are any missed updates I saw that the build pipeline seems to have stopped producing weekly builds. @chrmhoffmann, do you know what is (not) going on there?

Changed to monthly as far as I can see for all 18.1 builds



no idea. adb logcat doesn’t show much info and googling did not help either. Maybe it requires biometrics or higher version of keymaster/gatekeeper/keystore. Could be worthwile installing stock FP rom, too, maybe someone from FP knows.


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Indeed. We are lucky they didn’t drop 18.1 entirely. Chris


And this is where my Lineage OS journey ends with my FP2: Yesterday I installed FPOS to see if that solves the Authenticator app issue and luckily or unfortunately (cannot decide yet) it does. Without this special requirement I would have sticked to LOS probably until the phone would give up but that was difficult now. On the positive side: FPOS doesn’t feel quite different, they have done a good job, too.
Thanks for enabling me to use it for a few years without any major issues!

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