Is it correct the FP2 may not get Android version > 11/LineageOS 19?

Some days ago I read the Lineage OS announcement for releasing LOS 19 (Android 12). Quoting from there:

Let’s talk about legacy devices…

Bad news lies ahead, sadly. I know many of you were expecting the usual myriad of legacy devices to surprise you with a 19 release, but at the moment they won’t be. […]

and later on:

[…] for devices using kernel versions 3.18 and below, this may be the end of the road.

(Please read the whole paragraph for more context.)

As my FP2 with LOS 18.1 (Android 11) states it’s on Kernel version 3.4.113 does this mean the FP2 MAY not get a higher Android version than 11 which would mean receiving no security updates starting from (approximately) 2024?

Method of calculation (source of dates and numbers):

Initial stable release date + Approximate service life
September 8, 2020 + 40 months

EDIT: sorry, didn’t found this thread (maybe better to write LineageOS instead of LOS), so my message is obsolete…

But this question is still valid:
What is your oppinion @chrmhoffmann ?


I merged your topic into this one here, as it almost covers the same question. I updated the headline to incoporate LOS and moved it to the development section.


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no need to re-write you original post, it was just to keep it all together in one place to find it more easy hopefully in the future. Will update the subject as suggested.

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From reading the announcement I’d conclude the same: If no one is able to backport the necessary changes to the old kernels it’ll get hard. They’ve mentioned that with some hacky workarounds they got LOS 19 to boot on older devices, too. That means that some non-official builds could potentially be created by someone.
But even if this should become the end of the road then at least the road has been pretty long and we had a smooth ride on it.