Lineage-16.0 (Android Pie) Nightly

Yeah, could totally be an app thing, though i didn’t change my app profile. But apps get updated also… I’m on gapps, which i didn’t (re-) flash for some time, now. But still, it works fine for me, except those quirks, and it is probably more stable, I also had no reboots up to now, which i had before, even I’d very seldom.
Re memory: I’m using Nova, and i had the occasional restart of the system_server, because of memory pressure.

that caused/causes the phone to heat up in LOS 15 and 16

not currently, is Microsoft but I can switch to compare.

no idea, how to track/debug and that happens only when the screen is on, so BBS is not an option isn’t?


I saw a note of the minimum brightness being too high, I have also noted this, but is it also so that the maximum brightness is lower than before? Could also have been too sunny in Sweden lately…

Otherwise it works fine, but, I have also noted slightly higher temperatures, charging and using the phone is almost not possible depending on the app(I know it could also be the app itself, but it was less of a problem before 16.0 in my experience).

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No, the maximum brightness is still 255 (maximum possible). At least from the /sys/devices/mdp.0/qcom,mdss_fb_primary.171/leds/lcd-backlight/ files.

Unfortunately I don’t see any such file for minimum brightness, which is a shame…

to do troubleshooting we need to agree how to benchmark all this

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Not really, some applications just use a lot of resources such as navigation.

Though it has rebooted a few times I also removed the paper hack a while ago. I’ll have to put that back first.

In case you haven’t seen this.



No, still running 15.1, it was a typo :slight_smile:

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but some application haven’t changed around the upgrade but causing more heat now.

Which ones? (20 char)

I’d say browsing, twitpane, like this… Maybe it’s net related?

While I dont have exact knowledge over the versions of the apps, I would say that for me all browsing/net-related apps create more heat than before. Mainly Firefox and Instagram (both are of course known for being power hungry…) , map/navigation is quite energy efficient in my experience, even with screen on.

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Do you have concrete data?

How is the comparison between Instagram, Firefox @ Instagram, and Chrome @ Instagram?

How is the comparison between Instagram and Instagram Lite?


No concrete data unfortunately, and I have not done several tests between different versions of instagram(via web or lite). I have just noted that charging during usages is more or less impossible, since the phone overheats and stops charging. I will check out instagram Lite, but the lack of some functions may make it not an option.

EDIT: Instagram Lite - This app is incompatible with all your devices is the information I get when going to the browser bases Google play, in the phone itself it does not even show up

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In noticed the

heats it up even when open only simple pages.
As well as news reading app. My morning newspaper is SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten what heats it up quite quickly

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I updated to the latest nightly version today. And while I was at it also update to the latest modem version 19.05.2.

After flashing the modem files, reboot to recovery did not work anymore. Downgrading to the 19.02.1 version resolved the issue.

Anybody else experiencing that?
What was changed in the modem file anyway?

Not for me. For me it still still works fine

For the last 2 weeks or so, my WiFi ‘freezes’ and I have to disconnect and connect again to get it online again. I have updated to the latest release, but it’s not fixed yet. No other phones/tablets/laptops are experiencing the same problems with my wireless network.
Anyone with the same issue?
Could updating the modem firmware fix this?

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WIFI is everything but stable with current LOS and official FP2 relases :-/.

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