Lineage-16.0 (Android Pie) Nightly

FWIW, you don’t have to use MicroSD. You can also use USB-OTG <-> microUSB and use an USB stick.

According to and the Fairphone 2 is now officially unsupported, disabled and no longer maintained.

The primary cause is given as “Recent builds fail to boot due to missing privapp permissions whitelist.”

WTF happend?


There was a bug the caused a bootloop and the maintainer did nothing against it.


@chrmhoffmann has probably not time to fix it immediately.

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Thanks for the find.

I wonder whether they totally overshoot there at LineageOS currently.

With the 20190824 build something broke. That can happen. That was not even a week ago.
I guess taking the FP2 port off the automatic build process has started some further automatisms like the “The Fairphone FP2 is no longer maintained.” message. After a few days with the problem. When the maintainer is still around here in the forum (according to the forum software). When maintainers are all volunteers doing the development in their spare time.

I mean … can maintainers be on vacation? Can they be ill (hopefully not)? Can they have other stuff on their hands?
This handling of the situation doesn’t reflect well on the LineageOS project.

They can proactively declare a device not being maintained any more. If the maintainer gave them a notice that somebody else should take over. If there’s no sign of development for a long time, and contact with the maintainer fails. But not after a few days following a hiccup.

Take the device out of the build process, check, take the failing install files offline, check, but then try to contact the maintainer and give the whole affair some time to perhaps resolve itself.

Until @chrmhoffmann himself declares he stopped maintaining the Fairphone 2 port of LineageOS, or until the LineageOS project can present such a statement, I wouldn’t read too much into it and hope it’s automatisms not fully thought through at play here.


Looks like it is taking care of…

Lets hope it will soon be merged


I’m on the latest Fritz!OS and there are no interesting events in the logs. Actually, I have the same problems with the WiFi (2.4 GHz) of the fiber modem which is plugged before the Fritz!Box, so it looks like a more general WiFi problem with LineageOS and/or the Fairphone 2 to me.

That sounds good. I’m still hoping that the fp2 will get updates for a long time.


Is there any news about Lineage?


You can follow the progress there. Currently the necessary patch is not successfully code reviewed yet.

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Someone on Twitter found that the FP2 was set to “unmaintained”


nicht schoen. heißt dies jetz, dass chrmhoffmann das FP2 nicht weiter betreut?
steht jetzt die frage,
a) weil es probleme gibt oder
b) weil es ausgelaufen ist?
hat da jemand schon was zu gefunden?


Sieht so aus, dass zumindest @z3ntu daran arbeitet, also gibt es definitiv 1 dev, der sich um den Build kümmert und es wird bestimmt wieder official supported werden. :crossed_fingers:

looks like, that at least @z3ntu is working on it, so there is definetly 1 dev to maintain the build and it should revert to official supported, I think.


The patch has been merged, but the FP2 is still set to “unmaintained” in the wiki.

Not according to currently.

“Just one comment if I may. The maintainer of this device appears to be MIA. That’s the reason why there’s no progress here.”
(Sep 03 16:22)

I hope he’s just on vacation.


Ooops! Yes, sorry, a mix-up on my side.

That’s my hope too. Besides this, the maintenance work of @chrmhoffmann and the other contributers (like Luca Weiss) for LineageOS on FP2 (or Android on FP1) over the years is incredible and outstanding!

Sometimes I forget that it is not standard/obvious that there is a maintainer, who spend personal free time to an open source project, and so maybe I or we need to show more appreciation and thankfullness, maybe donate something like a coffee or something else…


There is a +1 under “Code Review”. What does that mean?

"+1 Looks good to me, but someone else must approve"


So @chrmhoffmann must approve it and then FP2 is back in the game and we are all happy? But he is MIA at the moment.