Let's have some #fun!

Laugh some more here:sweat_smile:

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Simplicity at it’s best…:rofl:

For those who have missed or skipped this thread

…I think that’s a quite practical and effective way of solving problems/annoyances the simple way.
(The pun is totally unintentionally :wink:)


Reminds me of the hardware switch topic.

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This also bears a lot of fun potential…

…(but may I remember that nearly everything can be done by software these days. (Snowden-NSA-XKeyScore). If I’m not mistaking it was also capable of activating integrated laptop cameras without even lighting up it’s LED).

No software can simply bridge a hardware switch connected directly in the current path. And now we have Purism mobiles at our hands… :slightly_smiling_face:

Source: Do you have a Common Voice?


No hoax! Why do you think, it is?

The first snippet in @Patrick1’s post translates to
“Trouble with the Fairphone … In September 1015 I stumbled upon …”

The second snippet translates to
“I made changes: - Corrected spelling mistakes”

You’ll get there eventually :wink: .
(If my understanding of the fun of it is correct in the first place, who knows :slight_smile: .)


I needed a real long time to recognize my mistyping of the year. In Germany we have a saying: I’m standing in front of a forest and don’t see the tree … Thanks for clearing.


What to do if being stuck with a Fairphone, but wanting to own a Shiftphone:


Apparently, no one has told @robbert.f that size doesn’t matter… :wink:
It’s what you do with it!


Tell that to the poor saps who can’t fit their jumbo-sized FP3s into their teeny tiny trouser pockets


Does shape matter, hm :thinking:

…ehm, No ?? or do they? Maybe there is a problem between my computer and my display (broken cable or so…) :laughing:

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20 character limit


Look at this:

This forum seems to travel through time.
Because; here is, what the next post says:

At first I really was irritated.
Then I found a solution; a wiki seems to change creation date in the top right-hand corner to the last editing:

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@AnotherElk it would generally be better to add the addendum to the first post, so the wiki is bumped when it is edited, not just when the addendum is edited and so the order in #help:guides stays meaningful.

Ok. Done.


What a difference an apostrophe makes!

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Dope, need mo’a these, bro. :+1:

What sellout - hell ye’ take five a those, mate. :+1:

Fly, take two a them would’cha, won’t hurt just in case. :+1:

4 the cash - take it outta stash and let’s start dealin’ homie… Homie_emoji


This will never get old (just like the letters on the cover :wink:)