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Hi fellow Fairphoners,

I’d like to organise a first meet-up for every (future) Fairphone owner/enthusiast living in the Leipzig area or coming from Halle, Merseburg, Chemnitz or (even) Dresden - and of course, everybody else who is interested. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any specific plans for now but would love to get some feedback. Who is interested in such a get-together? Who might be able to help me organising it? Do you have any ideas for a nice place to meet (preferably in Leipzig)?

So, feel free to contact me in :de: :gb: :fr: either here on the forum or via e-mail to fairphone.le[at]posteo.de.



@leVin42 ist sicherlich sehr, sehr interessiert :slight_smile:


yep, count me in! I’ve been thinking of organising something for a few months now, but never found the time to actually do it… :see_no_evil:


Klingt interessant - ich wäre schon einmal mit am Start.

MfG, Rocco


Would be a shame if this thread dies because of the six month auto-close! @Juli_R and @Rocco_Hundertmark are you still interested and are there others from the Leipzig/Halle area, maybe?


I removed the topic timer for this topic.


I am still in, @leVin42! The only thing is that I recently changed jobs so I don’t find the time right now to organise anything for a meet-up. :worried: There are a couple of people from the Leipzig/Halle area on facebook who would be interested in joining us. :slight_smile: Do you think you might be able to arrange for a meet-up?


Unfortunately, I don’t have too much time either right now. How about a meet-up after the summer? I could try to organise something for October/November…


Sounds great! :slight_smile: Then let’s talk about this after the summer.

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one more supporter from Halle - let me know if something starts and needs help oder ideas…


Fantastic @therob! Glad to hear that you’re in too. We’ll keep you posted. :smile:

Ooops, I forgot to update this post. Shame on me. :angel:

Our first community meet-up will be tomorrow! We’ll meet at 7 pm @ Beyerhaus in Leipzig. For further information, please have a look here: https://www.facebook.com/events/337652830023599

@therob Will you be able to join us tomorrow? :slight_smile:


We’ll meet at 7 pm @ Beyerhaus in Leipzig. For further information, please have a look here: Redirecting...

Go, Leipzig, go! :thumbsup:


hey @Juli_R, a bit late; but I am curious to hear how it went!
Did you have a good time?

@Juli_R: ooops, sorry. I am a little late - just one month :-/ But I had no time anyway…

How was it? How many people, what have been the main topics?
Any further meetings planned?

Hi @Douwe, a bit late too; have been quite busy lately. :neutral_face: We were just 4 people at the meet-up but had a great time though. :smiley: @leVin42 also took a couple of pictures. Maybe he could upload one of it? :slight_smile:


No worries, @therob. So far no precise plans for the next meet-up but we’ll be having another one for sure. :smiley: As already said, we’ve had a great time. Main topics have been the new camera, fairphone, fair electronics, politics in general (because of the elections) etc. Hope to see you next time. I’ll keep you posted.

Wie sieht es mit einem neuen Termin aus? Kommt als Ort auch einer der neuen Seen in Frage? Raum Borna ( Leipzig süd)? Dann kann man die Linux-Gemeinde Chemnitz auch einmal ansprechen. Linuxtage Chemnitz waren gerade, aber es gibt ein monatliches Linux-Club-Treffen. Das Thema UbuntuTouch ist bestimmt willkommen.


Momentan ist noch kein neues Treffen in (der konkreten) Planung. :frowning: Ich selbst schaffe es derzeit einfach nicht, mal wieder etwas zu initiieren.

Du kannst allerdings jederzeit selbst ein solches Treffen organisieren, insbesondere, wenn es im Raum Borna/Chemnitz stattfinden soll. :slight_smile: Hast du selbst Kontakte zu anderen Interessierten? Dann nutze das! Wäre toll, wenn mal wieder etwas auf die Beine gestellt wird. :smile:


iam searching for angels in the area chemnitz