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Since I find it hard to follow both the forum and the blog, I’m opening this thread to share all new blog entries right here on the forum. Whoever sees it first, has the honor to post! :wink: Happy reading! :slight_smile:


You beat me to it. I saw it early and was going to post it.

Interesting assessment. It’s so good to see these sorts of assessments and actions plans being published freely and transparently!! :smiley:

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The new office looks really fantastic.


The latest one :smile:


#New Personas!!! :smiley:


BTW, there is a new blog post! :wink:

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Tadaa, a new blog post!


I saw it first! :wink:

Fairphone is cooperating with WOLFRAM Bergbau (Link in English) from Austria!!! :smiley: As soon as they can mine conflict-free tungsten from Rwanda, it will be smelted in Austria. Another connection of the Fairphone 2 to my home country (after AT&S producing the PCBs).

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Didn’t the conflict free minerals in FP1 come from a mass balance traceability sort of system as well? Or at least, I understood that they couldn’t specifically use the fairly source tin and tantalum in the FP1 production line so they injected this tin/tantalum in the existing non-fair stream to offset the use of conflict minerals. The net result would be the same but the actual tin inside your phone can still be from a different source.

That’s how I remember it anyway. Am I wrong? Will try and find some source to cite if necessary.

That’s what Laura says in her blog post, isn’t it? She states that at first CFTI sources their tin in a product segregation model, and now also use a mass balance model. Solutions for hope always used a mass balance model for the tantalum.

Ah OK I wasn’t sure if I understood the blog right

Have you seen this? :slight_smile:


We will also keep exploring ways to increase the longevity of the
Fairphone 1. Possibilities include upgrading to a more recent Android
version, although we would like to manage expectations here as this is
still very much a long shot dependent on cooperation from license holders
and our own resources.

A second path we are exploring is the possibility of replacing the
Android software by alternative operating systems (Ubuntu/Firefox/Jolla)
in an effort to prolong the life of the device (as that software is
more cost-effective to maintain). While we’re still in the exploratory
phases along these tracks, we do hope it’s clear that we’re committed to
supporting our Fairphone 1 owners in the future.

That’s great news! :smiley:


This blog explains why I bought a Fairphone, a company that cares about their product and their customers.
Thank you Fairphone for all your effort in getting the license.