Which other B Corporations do you support?

The latest blog post announced that Fairphone got certified as a B Corporation. I have never heard of B Corporations before but when I searched their site I found some companies that I already support. So now I’m wondering: Are you a customer of any of the companies?

Here are the ones I support, besides Fairphone of course:

  • Ecosia - My default search engine that plants trees
  • Ben & Jerry’s - Yummy ice! I didn’t know they had a good cause too.
  • Klean Kanteen - I’m pretty much only drinking water from my stainless steel bottle I bought from them.

There are probably more; I didn’t search through all 1000+ Companies


I got an email newsletter this morning from Triodos bank, they are also now a B corp!

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Never heard of it, either. I believe I am customer of some “B companies” type of firms - but they are not listed (yet) as “B company”. Thank you for sharing, Paul.

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I support Method and I got got my laptop repaired at a random repair shop that was certified B-Corp. I thought that was really great. I told the receptionist how much I respected them for being a B-Corp.

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