Kill switch for the next fairphone

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I haven’t found any longer discussion about hardware killswitches and didn’t find a better forum place than this. Please move the thread when another forum is more appropriate for this discussion.

Is there a discussion on adding hardware killswitches to the next generation of fairphones like the Librem 5 phone has? Does the community think this already solved well enough on the software level using a FOSS?
I personally prefer the Fairphone to the Librem 5 due to the transparent supply chain and living wages, but would like to have a hardware killswitch or understand how I can turn off (disconnect from power) the squaking wireless, camera/microphone when I choose to. This is part of how I understand owning my phone.
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There is such a topic, maybe your post can be moved to the top one below

Just edited the title to help find this post as you can already search for ‘Kill switch’ rather than Killswitch :slight_smile:

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Kill switches is a really god idea. For me to find them practical. They have to be accessible without opening the case.